April 9 is National Name Yourself Day

Step into the light all you folks who have secretly (or not so secretively) wished for a different name! Now there’s a day where we all can change our names. April 9 is designated as the national Name Yourself Day! Even Facebook has a page (or two) in honor of this celebratory event.

Now people like Tony Haryn, columnist for North Jersey, can put aside his animosity for his name, and try out a new one for a day. In a recent article Mr. Haryn commented how he’s never liked his name but hasn’t felt comfortable actually changing it either.

There are more people who fall into this name-loathing category than we realize. It’s a similar theme that’s behind the whole Starbucks Name Game as well. You know, where people go to Starbucks and give the barista a name other than their own? It’s a chance to have a different name – even if only for a few minutes.

However, most people who don’t like their name fear the social ramifications or the legal hassles of actually changing it. I think there are advantages to overcoming these fears; it adds a sense of bravado and courage to your life. I mean, that’s what the word “courage” means—the ability to do something that frightens you.

Well, now’s your chance to throw a dash of courage in your life in a rather painless sort of way. People who want to slip on a different name for awhile, can use this national Name Yourself Day as a great excuse to give something else a try. So tell me, what name will you pick for the day?

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7 Responses to April 9 is National Name Yourself Day

  1. Hi Marly,

    I love the idea of name day! As someone who has been public about my intense dislike of my name, I will change to Allison on this day. I’m also thinking of using a stage last name as a musician once I’m legaly changed to Allison and will probbly use Allison Avery. I’m thinking about doing a podcast on the legal process to change my name. You inspire me that you changed yours, hopefully my fear fear won’t hold me back. Have a great day.


    • I love alliteration in names. Allison Avery has a nice ring to it. Hope you have a great Name Yourself Day!

  2. I hated my name as a kid, it was to long and no one could pronounce it and now I love how unique it is. But I’ll use the 9th to finally have a short easy name, now to find the perfect name ..

    • I think Ed is a name that’s often overlooked. It’s short too. What do you think?

  3. I love Ed, it was my grandfather’s name. Nice, short simple. No way of getting mispronounced.

  4. My birthday is on National Name Yourself Day! I’ll need to think of a good name for myself on this day when it comes!

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