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Finding Joy in Plant-Powered Living with Sharon Palmer

Eating a plant-based diet doesn’t have to be about deprivation. In fact, you can discover how Finding Joy in Plant-Powered Living can change your life. Listen to blogger, author and nutritionist Sharon Palmer talk about her transition to a plant-based diet and how you can too!

How to Live the Easy Vegan Life with Kathy Hester

If you’re veg-curious, listen in on this interview with blogger and author Kathy Hester sharing tips on How to Live the Easy Vegan Life. We talk about tips for making the transition, delicious recipes that you can make with ingredients that are probably in your pantry today, and even tips on eating out as a vegan.

A Plant-Based Approach to Cancer

If you know someone or have personally received a cancer diagnosis, you’ll want to discover these tips for a Plant-Based Approach to Cancer to encourage healthy living combined with working with your doctor. Even if you don’t have a cancer diagnosis, these plant-based living tips are great preventive measures to live your life with vitality and health!

How to Become a Mindful Eater with Michelle May, MD

How many times have you gone on a diet convinced this was going to be the best thing every, only to lose a few pounds and gain it all back (plus then some). Or how many times have you strictly adhered to counting calories eating or tracking exercise (calories burned), finding yourself feeling deprived and obsessing about food all day long? Today I’m talking with Dr. Michelle May about how to become a mindful eater, so you can give up dieting and learn to become an instinctive, intuitive eater.

Should Vegans Eat Pie?

Should vegans eat pie? Doesn’t that go against some kind of vegan charter agreement signed by all vegans? Read on for my thoughts on the topic and leave a comment to be a part of the conversation!