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Should Vegans Eat Pie?

Should vegans eat pie? Doesn’t that go against some kind of vegan charter agreement signed by all vegans? Read on for my thoughts on the topic and leave a comment to be a part of the conversation!

Tips for Dealing with Food, Family, and Feelings with Dawn Lerman

If you’ve ever struggled with your weight, you’ll find inspiration to live a more intentional life, including a more mindful approach to eating in nutritionist Dawn Lerman’s memoire, My Fat Dad. Dawn talks about some of the struggles her dad went through to lose weight and the things she’s learned in life that she now uses to help others.

Diggin’ It (July 2015)

I’m Diggin’ It is the Namely Marly compilation of favorite things we’re enjoying, whether it be fun finds from across the internet, recipes, health, DIY, excursions, more. Follow along for fun!