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Defining Vegan with Diana Fleischman on the Namely Marly Podcast.

NMP#45: Defining Vegan with Diana Fleischman

What is a vegan? Is it defined by what they eat? Or the goal of reducing animal cruelty? Marly speaks with Dr. Diana Fleischman on Defining Vegan to discuss expanding the ways people can participate in reducing animal cruelty in their diet.

Creating Healthy Families with Dr. Julia Nordgren

NMP#44: Creating Healthy Families with Dr. Julia Nordgren

How do parents react to an obese child? Because this situation can have a life-long impact on that child, following him or her into adulthood. I spoke with Pediatrician and professionally-trained chef, Dr. Julia Nordgren for advice. Creating healthy families is a discussion about family dialog, becoming more active, and understanding the implications of our food choices.

Adee is on the Namely Marly podcast talking about Vegan Social Challenges

NMP#42: Vegan Social Challenges with Adee

Learn how to navigate the some-times awkward vegan moments with this discussion on Vegan Social Challenges. I invited Adee on the Namely Marly Podcast so we could talk about what it was like to turn vegan as a 14-year old. She discusses awkward moments from high school, and her continued passion for her vegan life.