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Creating Healthy Families with Dr. Julia Nordgren

NMP#44: Creating Healthy Families with Dr. Julia Nordgren

How do parents react to an obese child? Because this situation can have a life-long impact on that child, following him or her into adulthood. I spoke with Pediatrician and professionally-trained chef, Dr. Julia Nordgren for advice. Creating healthy families is a discussion about family dialog, becoming more active, and understanding the implications of our food choices.

Adee is on the Namely Marly podcast talking about Vegan Social Challenges

NMP#42: Vegan Social Challenges with Adee

Learn how to navigate the some-times awkward vegan moments with this discussion on Vegan Social Challenges. I invited Adee on the Namely Marly Podcast so we could talk about what it was like to turn vegan as a 14-year old. She discusses awkward moments from high school, and her continued passion for her vegan life.