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Interview With Julie Morgenstern

If you’re considering making better use of your time or improved organization a part of your 2015 New Year’s Goals, then this podcast is for you! Today I’m sharing with you my interview with Julie Morgenstern, NY Times bestselling author, speaker, consultant, and overall organizational guru. You’re gonna love it!

Chef and Cookbook Author Cindy Gershen

Want to lose weight without giving up sugar, soda, and bread? Author and weight loss/healthy eating enthusiast Cindy Gershen has two words for you: Fat Chance! Cindy might be the perfect poster child for the Tough Love movement because she’s passionate and tough-minded about her no-sugar diet that led to a 100-pound weight loss that she’s kept off for over ten years.

Kelly Barth and Her Own Personal Jesus

Listen in on this intriguing interview with Kelly Barth, author of the memoir My Almost Certainly Real Imaginary Jesus. Kelly shares about her unique but universal struggles in dealing with love and acceptance after coming out to her family. In her book marriage equality and religion come face-to-face in a humorous and thoughtful manner.