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Vegan Skinny Pina Colada Cocktails are a perfect way to celebrate National Pina Colada Day!

Vegan Skinny Pina Colada Cocktail

Smooth and creamy, you’ll love this Vegan Skinny Pina Colada Cocktail. I make it with less than 10 ingredients, and no refined sugars. That’s right. It’s naturally sweetened and another bonus? It comes in at less than 150 calories!

Vegan Chopped Cheese Sandwich

Vegan Chopped Cheese Sandwich

The simplest yet tastiest sandwich, the Vegan Chopped Cheese Sandwich, is made with only a few ingredients and in less than 10 minutes. Be prepared to be wowed. If you love vegan sandwiches, you’ve come to the right place.

Vegan Deviled Ham Sandwich Spread. Remember the deviled ham sold in those little cans? This is like that, but vegan. How can that be? Great question, click on this post for the recipe!

Vegan Deviled Ham Spread

We are seriously loving this Vegan Deviled Ham Spread, that makes a perfect substation for the that stuff you used to buy in those little, tiny cans.

The Ultimate Veggie Burger Recipe, with vegan cheese, veggie bacon, avocado, and the best damn veggie burger ever!

The Ultimate Veggie Burger Recipe

Dig into our new favorite dish, the Ultimate Veggie Burger recipe. It won’t take long before you realize why it’s our favorite. It’s loaded with vegan cheese, veggie bacon, the best damn veggie burger ever, and avocados. One bite begs for another!