Vegan Sandwiches

5-Seed Healthy Homemade Buns

I'm discovering a new and improved passion for health that begins with my goal of taking 10,000 steps each day and includes improving my health by adding even more nutritious foods such as these 5 Seed Homemade Buns. And with all this healthy eating and exercise, I've started keeping track of my 10K Epiphanies. Read on to learn more!

Red Quinoa and Hemp Seed Burgers

The hemp seed can be so misunderstood. I probably was in that category for quite awhile, but have learned that hemp seeds can be a great nutritional boost to my vegan diet. I now eat hemp seeds sprinkled over my salads, with bananas, and in granola. And now I even eat them with my veggie burgers.

Veggie Chorizo Burger

If you're grilling this summer and looking for a good grill-worthy homemade veggie burger, these Chorizo Veggie Burgers could be just the ticket! The veggie chorizo adds a spicy, tangy taste that makes these Veggie Chorizo Burgers something special!

Vegan Chickpea Tuna Melt

Today's post goes through a myriad of topics from Jim Gaffigan, hate mail, and fast-swimming sea creatures. I don't know why a post about Chickpea Tuna Melts require such meandering topics, but that's what we're dealing with today. For now, let me just say that today's recipe is a perfect addition to my fresh and easy summer sandwiches...a staple when temperatures (and tempers) are on the rise.

Lentil Sloppy Joes

A naturally sweet, smoky, and spicy tomato sauce is the star of these easy-to-make Lentil Sloppy Joes. What I love is that this recipe is a trifecta of triumph for vegan dishes. That's because it's tasty, healthy, and cheapy. I just made up that last word, but it needed to fit with the theme while getting the message across...this recipe is not too tough on the wallet.

Dry-Rubbed Tofu

Today I'm continuing with my self-proclaimed Oven-Free Movement by introducing a Dry-Rubbed Tofu recipe. That's because it's too dang hot outside to turn on the oven, but for some reason I still want to eat. Go figure.