Interview: Victoria Moran

The latest guest in my Namely Marly Podcast interviews is Victoria Moran. Victoria is a life coach, whole living health consultant, worldwide speaker and author of over 10 books, some of which have landed her on the Oprah Show. Today Victoria is speaking with me about how to stay motivated with those pesky New Year's Goals, and a little about names as well.

Melanie Notkin

Today’s guest is Melanie Notkin, America’s premier Savvy Auntie and the founder of the award winning website Savvy Auntie. I spoke with Melanie recently about her name, names for the respected women in our lives (aunts), and her exciting work that has resulted in both an award winning website and a bestselling book. Read the full article for your chance to win a free copy of her book!


Most everyone I meet has a story (or two) about their name. Even a name we think of as fairly common can leave its bearer with moving stories.



Case in point. When I met Julie, I didn’t know there was an inspiring story lurking behind what seemed to be a fairly common name. But sometimes the best name stories can come from the least expected places. Join me and learn more about the energetic, motivational, and beloved Julie Deily, the mastermind behind the site The Little Kitchen.

Name Interview: Alexis Miesen

A big priority for many parents is finding a name that can’t be reduced to any kind of negative diminutive. You know like, Willy from William. I thought about that when I began my interview with Alexis Miesen, co-proprietress of Blue Marble Ice Cream. You wouldn’t think that the name Alexis could have any bad nicknames attached to it. I soon learned I was wrong.