Avocado and Jalapeño Grilled Cheese Sandwich

You may not have all the ingredients on-hand, but once you do, you can delight in the simple steps to make this delicious vegan sandwich over and over again. Tender slices of peppered Tofurkey with avocado and melted Daiya Havarti Garlic Jalapeño cheese. To top it off I used thick cut slices of artisan rosemary herbed bread.

52 Photographs: Lavender

I’m stuck with severely anemic gardening skills, but somehow a little patch of lavender has emerged in my yard in spite of myself. Alice Hoffman says in her novel, Practical Magic, that we should plant lavender for good luck and to fall in love whenever we can. I think a little bit of both is due today.

52 Photographs: The Rose

What do I have in common with Martha Stewart? Well, not as much as I’d like. But I do have this pink rose bush thriving by the side of my house. I take it as a hopeful sign that the green thumb emerging on my hand may not be gangrene.

Letting the Dust Settle

The sweet fragrance of honeysuckle in the air lulled me into a temporary state of cleaning insanity. I started with the blinds in the bedroom and quickly became distracted by illuminated dancing dust in the early morning light. After a few sneezes I decided to take a photo. Picasso has a quote about the dust of our lives and it leads me to think that even cleaning the blinds can somehow be an adventure in art.

Another Sky

A morning stroll through an October garden provided the inspiration. Emily Dickinson provided the poetry. The two combined make a wonderful way to start out the week.

The Land of Hope

please turn around and step into the future leave memories behind enter the land of hope — from A Life by Zbigniew Herbert


Reverie: the state of being pleasantly lost in one’s own thoughts.   To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee. One clover, and a bee. And reverie. The reverie alone will do, if bees are few. — Emily Dickinson

A Walk in Beauty

An early morning photography expedition with my hubby left me feeling inspired by the beauty of nature.

I was also reminded of the poem, She Walks in Beauty. “She walks in beauty, like the night; Of cloudless climes and starry skies; And all that’s best of dark and bright.” Oh, that we could all walk in beauty today.