NMP#34: Accessible Approachable Vegan Diet with Jackie Sobon

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If you’ve ever thought a vegan diet is just too difficult to take on, you’ll want to listen in and learn about the Accessible Approachable Vegan Diet with Jackie Sobon. We talk about her new cookbook that shares over 100 easy, do-able vegan recipes. If you’re considering a vegan diet and looking for more resources, check out my Three Kinds of Vegan post or this interview with on Plant-Based Living with Sharon Palmer.


Jackie Sobon recently released her book Vegan Bowl Attack and shares about what inspired her to write her book. She shares how her book is more geared toward

Here are some of my favorite quotes from today’s interview with Jackie:

I see my blog as really fun and creative food that is most importantly vegan and accessible and approachable. — Jacki Sobon #namelymarly

I’m very much into tasty food. — Jackie Sobon #namelymarly

Mostly I just want to make fun, approachable, vegan food. — Jackie Sobon #namelymarly

What I find inspiring is awesome people doing great things.  — Jackie Sobon #namelymarly

Our goal at Namely Marly is to provide you with inspiring resources to take on a vegetarian, vegan, plant-based, and inspired, energetic life. We hope today’s interview about Accessible Approachable Vegan Diet with Jackie Sobon has been helpful and informative.

Go be your best you!

Featured Content – Accessible Approachable Vegan Diet

Here are some of the highlights of my discussion with Jackie, where we discuss:

  • Jackie talks about how her parents selected her name
  • We talk about her website, Vegan Yack Attack, and how that started
  • Jackie shares about the style of veganism that she embraces for her site and her book
  • We talk about using vegan faux meats
  • Jackie talks about her low-key approach to her vegan diet
  • She talks about the reason why she went vegan
  • We talk about the transition that people go through in switching to a vegan diet
  • Jackie talks about her book and how it gets right to the point of sharing awesome recipes
  • We talk about Vegan Biscuit Nachos!
  • Jackie shares how this book will appeal to vegans and non-vegans alike

This Accessible Approachable Vegan Diet episode includes references to some resources you might find interesting. Here they are:


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That’s it for today’s podcast. As always, thanks so much for joining in the discussion!

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