Allyson Kramer, a Manifest Vegan

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Do you ever meet someone who feels instantly like a kindred spirit? That’s how I feel about Allyson Kramer, and we haven’t even met yet…at least not in person. We did talk recently and I took the opportunity to interview her for my latest podcast installment.

Allyson Kramer is a gluten-free vegan cookbook author and the next guest on the Namely Marly Show, a podcast for creative people

Maybe you’ll be intrigued like I was when I read Allyson’s profile and learned that she has been fascinated with cookbooks and recipes even during her childhood. She’s truly passionate and that comes across in her blog…and her life.

At a young age I shunned what many would consider age appropriate interests, and instead gravitated towards watching rerun after rerun of The French Chef with Julia Child, scouring cookbooks such as The Joy of Cooking in lieu of Judy Blume novels, and baking up a storm as a kid…
— Allyson Kramer

Allyson Kramer's books focus on gluten free and vegan dishes

And now her passion has paid off – Allyson is the author of one and another soon-to-be published cookbook.

Yes, she sounds like a classic over-achiever, but before you roll your eyes, just know she has a wonderful spirit about her.

In fact, she has written recently about setting and achieving goals. In January of 2012 Allyson wrote on Manifest Vegan about her new year’s goals. I love it when people put themselves out there like that. It’s a courageous thing to do. And you know what? It worked, because this year Allyson reported on how she achieved those goals.

She’s clearly got this goal-thing down. So you know what I did? I asked her for her keys to success. Here’s what she said:


I’m definitely feeling inspired now and I bet you will be too after you listen to my interview with Allyson!

Allyson Kramer's Tips on Achieving Goals copy

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  1. is anyone having trouble downloading this episode besides me? i wanna hear allyson, but the mp3 download’s not working for me here or from the itunes store.


    • Kittee – There appears to be a problem with the file. We’re working on it and should have it corrected soon. Thanks for your patience! Marly


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