America’s Favorite Vegan Sandwiches

Someone told me recently that when they searched for “vegan sandwiches” one of my postings came up high on the list. I figure a person could be known for far worse things, so I was not disappointed. In fact, I was tickled pink about it. That’s because I’ve had a life-long love of sandwiches which has only grown more passionate since becoming vegan. If you’re struggling with pronouncing it  (ˈviːɡən), let alone making a sandwich like one, then you might be scratching your head right now in amazement. Don’t worry. I have that effect on people.

America's Favorite Vegan Sandwiches!

If you’re even mildly interested in the topic of vegan sandwiches, then I have a treat for you. Today I’m collaborating with some other vegan bloggers to do a G+ Hangout called America’s Favorite Vegan Sandwiches.

What will we talk about? My background is business and you know what you have in the business world? An agenda! So, our agenda will include:

  1. We’ll begin with a discussion of sandwiches – with each panelist describing their favorite vegan sandwich…creative ingredients will be encouraged!
  2. Of course, that means we have to discuss the all-important topic of “why vegan”. If you’re going to have a meatball sub, why does it matter if it’s vegan or not?
  3. Next we’ll talk a little about the typical sandwiches we see in a Standard American Diet (SAD).
  4. Then we’ll play “The Vegan Sub Game.”  I’ve prepared a deck of cards with some all-time classic sandwiches, and I’ll ask our panelists how they would veganize those sandwiches. Maybe we’ll talk about your favorite sandwich!
  5. Finally, we’ll wrap things up with questions from the audience.

America's Favorite Vegan Sandwiches, a G+ Hangout!

Plan to join us tonight at 7 pm (CST) for our G+ Hangout on Air – America’s Favorite Vegan Sandwiches. If you can’t make it, we’ll be sure to share the link with the video.

Come veganize with us!

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4 Responses to America’s Favorite Vegan Sandwiches

    • Yes – but they’re all vegan! And I’ve had each and every one of these and they’re delish!!

  1. The reason I had found your blog in the first place was thanks to vegan sandwiches 🙂 Sorry I missed this, sounds like it would have been pretty great!


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