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A collage of photos with the text Vegan Thanksgiving Meal Plan in the middle.

Vegan Thanksgiving Meal Plan

Follow along with my Vegan Thanksgiving, where I provide a meal plan, recipes, shopping list, and even strategies on how to make it all for your big meal! It’s one of the biggest holidays of the year and you can make a delicious vegan Thanksgiving meal without running yourself ragged!

A white plate is stacked high with valentines cookies, which are basically sugar cookies with heart-shaped sprinkles.

Valentines Cookies (Vegan)

This is an easy, colorful, and delicious Valentines Cookies recipe that delivers soft and tender cookies with bursts of color and sweetness from the valentines sprinkles. These adorable cookies are much easier than cut outs! Your sweethearts will be yours when you give them a batch of these red and pink cookies.

A bowl of pinto bean soup is front in center in this photo. The light is shining on all the ingredients in the bowl, including the slices of carrots, potatoes, and beans. There is a stack of cornbread behind the soup, and a bowl of dried pinto beans behind that.

Best Pinto Bean Soup (Vegan)

This pinto bean soup is transformed into a simmering, delicious soup, filling your house with tantalizing aromas. It’s simple to make and full of all the smoky, savory flavors you’ve grown to love in traditional soups. Serve with cornbread or dinner rolls and with a dollop of creamy vegan sour cream and hot sauce.

Dawn Lerman is the next guest on the Namely Marly podcast

Tips for Dealing with Food, Family, and Feelings with Dawn Lerman

If you’ve ever struggled with your weight, you’ll find inspiration to live a more intentional life, including a more mindful approach to eating in nutritionist Dawn Lerman’s memoire, My Fat Dad. Dawn talks about some of the struggles her dad went through to lose weight and the things she’s learned in life that she now uses to help others.

In Honor of Herbs

I stayed recently with my lovely cousin, Margie and her husband Mel. Margie is a master gardener and I was in heaven taking photographs of her spring blossoms.

I could have stayed all day taking photographs of her flower gardens, but Margie had something else in mind. We were headed to an herb sale. That’s right, I happened to be staying at Margie’s the very day of the Webster Groves Herb Society’s 40th Annual Herb Sale. How lucky could I get!

Article first published as My Vegan Life on Blogcritics. I recently started writing for BlogCritics and began my series of posts there with a little information about me and my vegan life. I’ve had a couple of questions from readers of my blog about veganism, so I thought I would share this with you all […]

Bug Soup

My husband and I came across an unusual find in the garden recently. A monarch caterpillar. He was so striking we had to run and get the camera. Caterpillars are such amazing creatures. They are the larvae of butterflies. As larvae, their main job is to eat and eat and eat. Hmm, sounds like an […]

I’m getting ready to head out of town with my daughter for the weekend, but I wanted to leave you all with some weight loss tips from my friend, Elle. Everyone needs a friend like Elle – not only has she been a personal trainer, but she’s got all this education (including a doctorate and […]

I’m trying to cover all the bases in my fight to save the fruit on my peach tree. I’m spraying them with a spicy concoction of “eu de pepper flakes parfum” and I’m pleased to report that this seems to be having some success. I check several times throughout the day – there are squirrels […]