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Kathy Patalsky Interview

Kathy Patalsky is the mastermind behind the popular brand, Lunchbox Bunch. She started with a dream – to find creative ways to help kids enjoy healthy and tasty vegan foods. From there she has built not one but two sites that provide resources for thousands of people (young and old alike) about the delights of being vegan.

Kathy fell upon this vision of inspiring healthy and tasty food with no formal cooking or photography training. As a result, her life has become one, big self-taught lesson in success! Join me today as I talk to Kathy about her life, her work, and her name.

A picture of Evan Baltazar as part of an interview about her name on Namely Marly.

Name Interview: Evan Baltazar

As Johnny Cash once sang, “Life ain’t easy for a boy named Sue.” Anyone who has a name that is more traditionally linked with the opposite sex knows this to be the case. I talked with Rory Freedman about this. Rory is a name more traditionally given to boys and we talked about how she […]

Name Interview: Pilar Gerasimo

This is a celebratory post because it launches the very first Namely Marly Podcast! I recently interviewed Pilar Gerasimo, the founding editor of Experience Life Magazine. She also serves as Life Time Fitness’s Vice President of Education. I spoke with Pilar recently about her unique and lovely name.

Imagine for a moment being only 26 years old with your whole life ahead of you and hearing these words: You have terminal cancer. You have only months to live. This is what happened to Christina Pirello. When doctors gave her little reason for hope because of the advanced stage of her leukemia, she decided […]

An Interview with Ayelet Waldman

One day while getting in my daily walk I listened to a podcast of Fresh Air’s Terry Gross. I do this often. I find most of Terry’s guests informative, entertaining, or sometimes both. But the guest I listened to on this day was beyond any I’d heard before. She was an intelligent woman who talked […]