Namely Marly Podcast

The Namely Marly Podcast is a great opportunity for busy people to connect with Marly and her passion for living a creative lifestyle. This includes her discussions on vegan diet, lifestyle advice, following your passions, and more, all in a high-quality audio format. You can download the app for your phone and listen on the go, or choose the player on the Namely Marly site.

Marly's guests have included Dr. Greger talking about his book "How Not to Die," Matt Frazier of No-Meat Athlete, Victoria Moran of Main Street Vegan, and more! Or listen to Marly's solo episodes where she shares about her personal journey with diet, health, weight loss, and creativity. Marly shares in audio format some of the best snippets from her blog, including how she makes green smoothies and incorporates them into her everyday diet.

Matt Frazier is on the Namely Mary Podcast today.

NMP#39: The High-Performing Vegan Athlete with Matt Frazier

Today on the Namely Marly Podcast, I'm talking with Jessica of Jessica in the Kitchen about transitioning to a vegan diet, how to cook vegan meals, farmers markets, the ugly vegetable movement, awesome plant-based substitutes for meat, and more!

NMP#38: Transitioning to a Vegan Diet with Jessica in the Kitchen

Vegan Victories: November 2016, Talks about the latest news in vegan developments for November 2016

Vegan Victories: November 2016

Rachael Hutchings is on the Namely Marly podcast

NMP #35: Autoimmune Disease and Plant-Based Diets

NMP#34: Accessible Approachable Vegan Diet with Jackie Sobon

Understand the 3 Kinds of Vegan to better understand the way you eat and to help you stay on your meal plan for life!

NMP #33: Three Vegan Types: Understanding Your Reasons for Veganism

Honey pouring into a food processor cup

NMP: #32 Vegans Who Eat Honey

Jasmin Singer

Finding Myself Through Veganism, Juicing and Love with Jasmin Singer

Tess Challis

Plant-Based Food Love with Tess Challis

Marly of Namely Marly smelling the flowers and talking about April Favorites on the Namely Marly Podcast

NMP #29: April Favorites – Authenticity, Music, Tropical Tea and More!

Libby O'Connell, PhD, is talking about the history of American Food on the Namely Marly podcast

A History of American Food with Libby O’Connell

Cultivating Plant-Powered Families with Dreena Burton