Namely Marly Podcast

The Namely Marly Podcast is a great opportunity for busy people to connect with Marly and her passion for living a creative lifestyle. This includes her discussions on vegan diet, lifestyle advice, following your passions, and more, all in a high-quality audio format. You can download the app for your phone and listen on the go, or choose the player on the Namely Marly site.

Marly's guests have included Dr. Greger talking about his book "How Not to Die," Matt Frazier of No-Meat Athlete, Victoria Moran of Main Street Vegan, and more! Or listen to Marly's solo episodes where she shares about her personal journey with diet, health, weight loss, and creativity. Marly shares in audio format some of the best snippets from her blog, including how she makes green smoothies and incorporates them into her everyday diet.

Cathy Yardley, author of the book Writing Every Day and the Rock Your Writing Blog

Becoming a Writer: An Interview with Cathy Yardley

Debra Smith, blogger, photographer, and storyteller is interviewed on the Namely Marly Show Podcast

Blogging with Purpose: An Interview with Debra Smith (Podcast)

Cindy Gershen Interview from the Namely Marly Podcast

Chef and Cookbook Author Cindy Gershen

Allyson Kramer, gluten-free vegan cookbook author, is interviewed by Marly on the Namely Marly Show Podcast

Allyson Kramer, a Manifest Vegan

Victoria Moran pictured here accompanying an interview on Namely Marly

Victoria Moran Interview

Name Interview: Pilar Gerasimo