Creating a Rawsome Vegan Life with Emily von Euw

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It’s easy to focus on all the things you can’t eat when contemplating transitioning to a vegan life. No more meat? No more bacon? No more eggs, and cheese? It can feel overwhelming. But the thing is, when you’re making changes in your life, the trick is to focus on where you’re going, not where you’ve been. That’s why today I’m talking with vegan author Emily von Euw about creating a Rawsome Vegan Life.

Creating a Rawsome Vegan life with Emily Von Euw

The numbers of vegans and vegetarians are on the rise. More and more people understand the need to reduce their consumption of meat for health and/or environmental reasons. With that idea of a new mindset — I want to eat less animal products in my day-to-day-life — comes new questions. If I’m giving up the old way of eating, what will I eat now? How can I make this transition? That’s exactly what Emily von Euw and I are talking about today.

If you don’t think you can be vegan all the time, just create more meals in your life that are. If you can be 80% vegan or 70% vegan, great! — Marly McMillen

If you can get in more plants in your day, just do that. Do what you can. — Emily von Euw #namelymarly

The vegan food market has exploded! — Emily von Euw

Once you learn why you should continue trying to eat more plants, it’s easier to do that. — Emily von Euw

Our goal at Namely Marly is to provide you with inspiring resources to take on a vegetarian, vegan, plant-based, and inspired, energetic living. We hope today’s interview with Emily von Euw about creating a Rawsome Vegan Life has been helpful and informative.

Go be your best you!

Featured Content – Creating a Rawesome Vegan Life

Here are some of the highlights of my discussion with Emily, where we discuss:

  • Emily talks about starting her blog
  • We talk about the foods Emily missed when she went vegan
  • We talk about the importance of going to farmer’s market to get inspired about plants
  • We talk about vegan junk food as a nice option for someone to transitioning to a vegan life
  • Emily and I talk about some of the great new vegan food products on the market today
  • We discuss tips for making lifestyle changes

This episode includes references to some resources you might find interesting. Here they are:


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That’s it for today’s podcast. As always, thanks so much for joining in the discussion!


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