Cultivating Plant-Powered Families with Dreena Burton

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Are you on board with the idea of incorporating more veggies and fruit in your everyday life, but hit a wall every time you try to encourage your kids to join along? Today’s guest on the podcast is Dreena Burton and we’re talking about cultivating plant-powered families.

Namely Marly Podcast Episode 27 features Dreena Burton

Sometimes getting kids to buy in to the idea of eating more veggies seems like an impossible task. If you’ve felt exasperated at your attempts to nudge your kids to eat their veggies, you’re going to love today’s guest, Dreena Burton, because she specializes in that very topic. She’s an expert in cultivating plant-based families because she’s got three of them herself! She’s also written several cookbooks, one of which is called The Plant-Basd Family.

Dreena and I talk about her passion for plant-based recipes, getting kids involved in the kitchen, and how plants can help you feel your best day after day!.

Kids follow that natural bodily thing where you say ‘I’ve had enough of that. I need something good now.’ As adults we ignore that — Dreena Burton @dreenaburton #namelymarly

I want my kids to feel the norm of their world, and not just the vegan in their world. Dreena Burton, @dreenaburton #namelymarly

I design recipes that are wholesome and healthy. — Dreena Burton, @dreenaburton #namelymarly

If you’re eating things like quinoa and sweet potatoes and beans and rice and oats, you will fill up pretty quickly. — Dreena Burton, @dreenaburton #namelymarly

We hope today’s episode of the Namely Marly Podcast inspires you to go out and live a passion-filled life!

Featured Content – Cultivating Plant-Based Families

In today’s episode you’ll learn about:

  • Why Dreena decided to adopt a vegan diet
  • The family crisis that helped inspire Dreena to start her blog and begin writing her books
  • How Dreena has encouraged her children to eat a vegan diet
  • Dreena talks about what percentage of their diet is plant-based versus commercial products
  • How Dreena handles school functions for her family
  • We talk about how to deal with other kids who come to your house
  • We talk about weight loss and veganism
  • Dreena talks about how her kids eat (and love) avocados
  • How to eat out on a plant-powered diet

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That’s it for today’s podcast. As always, thanks so much for joining in the discussion!

Health + Happiness to you!

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