Diggin’ It (July 2015)

I’m Diggin’ It July 2015 is a fun compendium of favorite things from across the internet from the Namely Marly crew, including recipes, health, DIY, & more. Join us! Because it’s hot outside, we thought it might be a good time to share with you some of the fun things we’re doing to keep things cool around here.

I’ve been doing this Diggin’ It series for awhile, but thought it was high time to mix things up a little. Rather than just sharing links from around the web that we found kinda fun, we thought, why not show more about stuff we’re in love with on a more personal level. To keep everything legit, we’ll let you know when something has been provided for us for review. But our opinions are our own, always and forever, amen. In today’s DI post, we received samples of the Citrus Clear, a Chemex Coffee maker kit, and the Vegan Cuts July box. We loved all three and couldn’t wait to share them with you!

So, without further ado, let’s talk about what’s high on our Diggin’ It yardstick this month. (Yardsticks? Who even has those anymore!?)

1. Adee and I are loving the Citrus Clear product line. First of all, they have a facial mask. I mean, what’s not to love about doing a facial. They could put mud in a jar and we’d still love putting it on our faces. Oh, wait. I think maybe someone’s done that already… there goes my plan to make my first million. But Citrus Clear also offers moisturizer, acne stopper (hello!), and a gentle cleansing soap. Adee’s been dealing with some unusual acne lately. Unusual in that it has almost never happens to her. She managed to stay completely clear through her pubescent and high school years, and all of a sudden it’s hitting her hard. So having a good facial cleansing routines can do the trick. Using products that are made without harsh chemicals, that include citrus, and aren’t tested on animals? Well, that’s the best thing evuh! That’s why we’re diggin’ Citrus Clear!

Citrus Clear Face Mask

2. Field Trips. Do you remember field trips from elementary school? It’s time to bring them back! You know, sometimes you need to just go. Get out o’ the house. Not to go to work. Not to go to school. Not to go to the grocery store. Get out for fun! We highly recommend a local museum, maybe of art or science, or anything really. You know, so you can feel all cultured and stuff? We’re always out and about doing things! But how much time do we take to stop and appreciate beauty? That’s why Adee and I took a little “field trip” recently to our Kansas City museum, The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. We took along some family too, including my Uncle George and Aunt Frances, brother and sister. George just turned 90 this July and Frances is in her 80’s. It was so sweet to see them holding hands as we made our way out. It’s really cool to think that a little excursion to a museum could spark a family moment like that. Besides, there’s a huge statue of Buddha where you can find your zen, the painting Water Lilies by Claude Monet, an incredible set of statues called The Four Seasons by an artist named Philip Haas, and so many pieces of art and historic artifacts. And there’s a goddess or two as well (Only when Adee and I walk in).

I'm Diggin' It July 2015 is a fun compendium of favorite things from across the internet from the Namely Marly crew, including recipes, health, DIY, & more. Join us!

3. Our Chemex Coffee Maker. Look, if you drink coffee (and who doesn’t…except for, well, me), you might want to sit up and pay attention to this part. Adee is the coffee buff in our family. She’s become quite the connoisseur, so I’ll let her tell you the news. You don’t know Coffee…until you’ve tried a Chemex. What’s a Chemex? We’re so glad you asked. Chemex is a coffee maker designed in the 1930’s by Dr. Schlumbom who used borosilicate glass to create the perfect coffee maker. Perfect it is! A typical brewing process with an electric coffee maker creates an acidic cup of coffee. But the Chemex has created a technology and brewing process that eliminates the acidity in coffee, if done correctly. Once you’ve tried a cup or two with a Chemex, you’ll learn to appreciate the smoothness of a perfect cup of coffee! If any of you are Friends fans, you’ll see that Monica owns one of these babies and uses it in her apartment. If it’s on Friends, it has to be at least kinda cool! In fact, Chemex has made several cameo appearances in TV and film (such as Mad Men, Grace & Frankie, and Interstellar) over the years. Stay tuned, we’ve got a perfect brew recipe (and a give-away) coming your way soon!

We're loving the Chemex Coffee Maker for the perfect cup of coffee!

4. Vegan Cuts. Think Christmas in July. Can you imagine a fun box of goodies showing up at your house? Wouldn’t that be so fun? Now imagine all those goodies being vegan…and imagine a box of different goodies coming to your house…every…single..month! That’s Vegan Cuts. We got this box and loved everything inside it! There was an all natural sports drink, a hummus-to-go packet, and lots of other tasty chips and snacks. Mmmm, chips! Adee says Pasta Chips are the thing right now. No good house should be without them. Order your Vegan Cuts today and wait for the surprises to come!

Vegan Cuts is a fun, monthly subscription where you can receive a new gift box full of vegan goodies each month

5. Podcast Magic. Magic-making inspiration in your ears! I just started listening to a new podcast that I’m luveen! It’s called Magic Lessons and it’s by Elizabeth Gilbert. Yes, the eat, pray love Elizabeth Gilbert! There’s only been a couple of episodes so far, but I’m loving it. If you have a creative feather in your hat, you might like it too! #bigmagic

Marly is diggin' the Magic lessons podcast with Elizabeth Gilbert

Well, that’s it for today’s Diggin’ It July 2015! We hope you like the new format and that you’ll come back when we do it again. So, what have you been diggin’ lately? Anything fun that you can share, leave in the comments below!

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