Easy Thanksgiving Tabletop Candle

I have a fun, simple, and elegant Thanksgiving Tabletop Candle for dinner tomorrow. I know what you must be thinking – is Marly going all craftsy on us? Maybe. Just maybe. The thing is, when you get an idea like this one โ€” that is so simple, affordable, and still elegant? You have to share it!

Easy Craftsy Thanksgiving Dinner Table Top Candles


We live in the downtown area of our little suburb. In fact, our house is one of those historically registered homes. So it’s definitely old, but it’s not 100-year-old-cool-porch old. But it is 50-year old oak tree old.

Seriously. We have the biggest oak tree in the back yard. That means our deck frequently looks like this.

Our 50 year old oak tree deposits lots of acorns on our deck


Except imagine this picture times, oh, let’s say, 100 million. That should just about do it. Between the pears and the acorns, the squirrels in our yard are well-fed.

So I have acorns galore. And I have a whole bag of tea candles from a sale at Pier One Imports last year. I love that store.

I also happen to have some little square glass vases from my “I’m going to grow tulips in little square glass vases” phase. That lasted until all the bulbs shriveled up and died. That’s right. I’m a bulb killer. I’m in therapy so I should be feeling ok about this soon.

If you have some of these things lying around as well – you could make these cute little Thanksgiving Day Tabletop Candles too. They’re super easy and will add a little touch of nature and elegance to your table.

Natural Thanksgiving Tabletop Decor

We all need something to make the holidays a little more special. I’m hoping you’ll agree that these candles will do the trick!

Easy Thanksgiving Tabletop Candles


  • acorns
  • small, square glass vases (I bought these at Michael’s)
  • tea candles


  1. Place acorns in the bottom of the vase.
  2. Place the tea candle on top of the acorns so that the tip of the candle is just above the rim of the vase.
  3. Place smaller bits of acorns (including acorn tops) around the edges of the candle to hold it firmly in place and to disguise the shiny metal container it sits in.
  4. Voila! You’re done!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Looks beautiful but don’t set the acorns on fire! ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Thanksgiving.


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