Finding Joy in Plant-Powered Living with Sharon Palmer

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It’s easy to think about what you can’t eat when thinking about transitioning to a vegan life, but today we’re learning about the opposite, finding joy in plant-powered living with author and blogger Sharon Palmer.

Finding Joy in Plant-Based Living
Sharon Palmer discuses Finding Joy in Plant-Powered Living.

If you’re thinking about adding more plants to your diet,it’s a great goal. Whether you’re trying to transition to a vegan diet or simply wanting to add more plants to your existing diet, listen to my interview with nutritionist and inspired plant eater, Sharon Palmer about Finding Joy in Plant-Powered Living.

I loved today’s topic and I think you will too!

Finding Joy in Plant-Powered Living with Sharon Palmer – Important Take-aways

Sharon is passionate about helping people understand the beauty of a plant-based diet. That’s because she loves talking about the foods found in nature. She shares posts on her site every day and has written a couple of books on this topic.

It’s a beautiful thing that mother nature has provided all this variety and beautiful colors and tastes. — Sharon Palmer

We talk about how people make the transition to a vegan diet. Sharon shares three plans for plant-based living in her book, one of which encourages omnivores to include more plants in their diet. These plans includes more plants for vegetarians and even more plants for omnivores. That means even if you don’t intend to go vegetarian or vegan, you can still add more plants to your every-day meals.

The definition of a plant-based diet is one that focuses on plants. — Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Sharon and I discuss how if we all find ways to reduce the amount of meat in our diet, we would be so much better off from both a nutritional and environmental perspective. Meat consumption has a big toll on the environment. So that’s just another reason to consider a vegan, vegetarian, or even just a diet focused on plants.

In addition, people who eat diets that include more vegetables, are also the healthiest. See the Loma Linda (study linked below) that Sharon references in our discussion.

In addition we talk about the importance about finding a lifestyle that works rather than a temporary diet. It’s so easy to think about diets as a fad. A lot of them are. We go on them for awhile and then a month or two later, we move on. Sharon recommends adopting the way you eat as a lifestyle to help it stay with you for life.

Just by focusing on eating more whole plant foods, that’s one of the major recommendations for an optimal diet. — Sharon Palmer

The more plant-based you can be, the better. — Sharon Palmer

Sharon quotes that about half of Americans realize they need to cut back on meat. If you’re thinking about adding more plants to your diet, today’s interview should help you in this process.

Featured Content – Finding Joy in Plant-Based Living

Here are some of the highlights of my discussion with Sharon, where we discuss:

  • Sharon talks about her decision to choose a vegetarian diet which eventually led to a vegan diet
  • We talk about the beautiful variety of foods available on a plant-based diet
  • Sharon’s discusses her one-month vegan challenge
  • Sharon shares what was hardest for her in making the transition to vegan
  • How to eat out as a vegan
  • We talk about 2016 as being the year of the vegan cheese!
  • Sharon talks about her 3 Plant-Powered Goals, which includes a plan for omnivores
  • Sharon talks about nutrition and how that should impact your diet
  • Sharon talks about her interpretation of the latest nutritional advice
  • Sharon talks about what you should be reducing in your diet
  • We talk about how getting healthy can be a big motivator in adopting a plant-based diet
  • We talk about diet patterns of vegans that include eating huge amounts of vegetables and plants
  • We talk about the gut biome and adding more fiber to your diet
  • We discuss tips for making lifestyle changes

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