French Vanilla Oatmeal

I’m starting a new series of posts I’m calling Veggie Meals. These recipes will be low-calorie, low-cost, low-maintenance, filling, cleansing, and healthy meals you can make for yourself. Yes, we can have it all!

Be vegan. Be healthy. Be skinny!

Today’s recipe is one of my favorite starts to the day, French Vanilla Oatmeal.

Part of Namely Marly's Veggie Meal Series, French Vanilla Oatmeal is a low-calorie, high-flavor breakfast

I’m one of the hungry people in life. And somehow I never learned to live comfortably with that feeling. Oh, I guess there are times when I can keep really busy and thereby distracted from that gnawing sensation in my tummy.

Most of the time, however, I think I’m guided by an inner seven year old who simply wants to eat foods that are comforting; Macaroni and Cheese; Ice Cream; Cheesy Mashed Potatoes. Do we see a trend here? Of course, nowadays I veganize those food choices, but they still fall in the “comfort food” category. I know I’m supposed to be a Modern Adult Woman (I call that my MAW), but somehow I end up making choices that keep that inner child at ease. Especially when it comes to food…and especially when I’m hungry.

So I’m learning ways to keep hunger at bay. Today’s recipe puts my MAW in charge…right where I like her to be!


French Vanilla Oatmeal


  • 1/2 cup hot water
  • 1 packet of instant plain oatmeal
  • 1 teaspoon of peanut butter
  • 1 teaspoon of Vega French Vanilla Nutritional shake mix (this stuff is the bomb!)*
  • 1 teaspoon ground flax seed
* I buy Vega products at my local health food store.


  1. Combine the packet of plain oatmeal into the hot water in a small bowl or cup. Let it sit for a few seconds.
  2. Add the peanut butter and stir. I’m completely in love with the flavor of peanut butter so somedays I’ll get a little crazy and add 2 teaspoons of peanut butter. I know, it’s ridiculous!
  3. Add the teaspoon Vega French Vanilla mix and ground flax seed and stir. You may be tempted to add more, but I personally think the flavor is strong and a teaspoon combined with the peanut butter is perfecto!

I did a rough estimate of nutritional information for this recipe based on my list of ingredients.

Nutritional information for French Vanilla Oatmeal

All in all? That’s a great start to any day!

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8 Responses to French Vanilla Oatmeal

  1. This is such a brilliant idea. I always mix Vega into my smoothies, but never thought about using it in oatmeal which is a way better option. Smoothies never quite fill me up, but oatmeal is the perfect breakfast!

    • I really took my time buying the Vega mix but I really like it too. Adds a great flavor to my smoothies…and oatmeal!

  2. Kathleen Kakacek

    I’ve never liked oatmeal because the texture just grossed me out . . . until we started eating the steel cut variety. What a difference! Now we eat it most mornings. I want to try it with this recipe. And by the way, for your readers who live in the KC Metro Area, care to name your health food store? : )

    • Kathleen, I’m so glad you’re going to give this a try. I think it would be great with steal cut oatmeal as well. And, by the way, I’m a texture gal too. It’s gotta be just right for me! Now, health food stores in KC. I can help answer that one. We have Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. And in Independence there is Nature’s Pantry. Let me know if you need directions to any of these places. By the way, most Hy-Vee grocery stores have decent health food sections in them as well! KC is more veg friendly than people from the NY Times give it credit for!

  3. I love oatmeal! Simple, nutritious and delicious.

  4. This is such a great recipe… I love vanilla and oatmeal, what a natural fit! Thanks!


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