Fresh Cut Flowers

Having Fresh Cut Flowers in your home can be more than just a pretty vase. They can provide an important connection with nature; but more about that in a minute. First let me tell you that I planted this lilac bush in my yard with mostly one goal in mind: having fresh cut flowers in the house. Sure, I can run up to the grocer and buy flowers, but it just feels special knowing these grew right outside my door. Or maybe it reminds me of the days from my childhood when I would pick the prettiest things I could find in the yard – usually dandelions and henbit – and bring them inside for my mom to put in a vase. I guess I’ve had a lifelong passion for Fresh Cut Flowers, of any variety!

Fresh Cut Flowers by Namely Marly

But, of course, who doesn’t have a passion for something as beautiful as flowers? Martha Stewart compares fresh flowers to a bundle of sunshine. That’s what I’m talking about!

A collage of lilac flowers spruces up our home

We live such sheltered lives; oftentimes detached from the world around us. I read recently that the average person spends 90% of their time indoors these days. But if we look throughout human history  the opposite was true – we evolved spending the majority of our waking hours outside. Humans learned to survive based on what was learned from the natural world. As a result, we have an emotional and intellectual dependency with nature. Yet, we now find ourselves for the first time in our human history, extremely disconnected with the natural world.

One way to solve this dilemma is to get outside and get your hands dirty by working in a garden – be it your own; a community garden; or even volunteering through some local gardening organization. The next best step is bringing a little nature inside.

Here are my Top Reasons for Bringing Nature Inside:

  1. Reeling in the Zen. Your home is like a sanctuary and nature can give it the “zen” effect that transforms it from Meh to mmmm.
  2. Beyond Beige! Sometimes “natural” is code word for boring beige, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Take a look outside — from the hot pink colors of the Four ‘O Clock Flowers to the vibrant greens of the trees—nature can be colorful, playful, and energizing.
  3. Nature’s Theme Team. It’s more than just decorations that makes the space in your house livable. Having potted plants or natural materials in your house can present a theme that shows the importance of nature and green living in your life.
  4. Best Supporting Character. Bringing “character” to a home incorporates not only the floor plan, but the decor, including plants, flowers, and the containers they rest in. Connecting that character to nature can create a more organic environment in your home.
  5. Become a Biophiliac! Steven Kellert explains this term in his interview for KPBS’ These Days. Biophilia refers to our tendency to “affiliate with nature.” Nature gives us the opportunity to apply adaptive, critical thinking to an uncertain world. Sure, you may not be thinking about that when you’re looking at a vase of fresh cut flowers, but it’s there. We’re all a part of nature and it’s around us, whether we’re inside or out.
  6. Life Support. Water is not in and of itself alive. Dirt is not alive. But as Steven Kellert points out, “when an ecological system is whole and functional, it gives rise to and supports life.” We, in turn, have a deep, biological response to nature as something that supports our very being. Nature is life support!
  7. Positivity. Some of the most positive environments are those that bring nature inside. You can do that with pictures of nature, flowers, gardens, and waterfalls. Or better yet, bring in some fresh cut flowers, have an actual desk-sized waterfall, or potted plants to give each room that positive vibe!
  8. Clean Air Act! Plants may seem like just a pretty patch of green in the corner of the living room, but Martha Stewart clarifies that plants can actually clear out toxins. They can be an inexpensive and low-tech solution to helping your home be green, both visually and environmentally!

Bringing nature inside with fresh cut flowers

There’s no better way to bring nature indoors than through flowers grown in your own yard. I planted this lilac bush a couple of years ago and have been enjoying it ever since. Colorful flowers in your yard can also attract butterflies and humming birds; another fringe benefit. Daffodils, irises, tulips, carnations – these are all examples of perfect flowers to grow in your yard that can increase the hours you spend outdoors growing the plants while at the same time allowing you to bring the beautiful colors of nature – via fresh cut flowers – inside.


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3 Responses to Fresh Cut Flowers

  1. Love fresh flowers in my home! Makes the atmosphere feel happier, cleaner, and brighter. Great post! 🙂

  2. Mrs. P is addicted to having flowers in the house…. Its just makes everything much more beautiful!


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