Fresh New Year with Door to Door Organics

I’m excited to be co-hosting a Twitter Party with some fun people and an exciting sponsor, Door to Door Organics!

A Fresh New Year with Door to Door Organics and Namely Marly

Personally, I like to look at Twitter as one big, ongoing party. So, to join a little Twitter Party in the middle of the big Twitter party? Well, now that’s just icing on a really good cake!

And it’s the New Year and time to think about getting healthy! I know sometimes that can feel like such a drudgery – getting healthy. You’ve got to get up early and go to the gym or eat carrots instead of cookies. I like carrots. I do. I just really like cookies too!

Well, now you can add a little fun to your get healthy regime. Come join us for a Twitter party with Door to Door Organics that celebrates healthy by delivering organic foods, including locally sourced products right to your door. That’s why they call it door to door!

A Little More about DTD

Door to Door Organics may have started with a fresh, simple, seasonal box of organic produce delivered right to the customer’s doorstep, but they’ve since expanded to include a wide variety of organic, local, and fair-trade food.

To keep their commitment to the environment, DTD delivers their groceries in 100% recyclable Sustainable Forestry Initiative certified boxes. In fact, if you leave out your previous packaging materials on delivery day for your new produce, they’ll take away those old boxes and reuse or recycle them in the best way possible.

That’s right. DTD is so retro! It’s like Mikey the milkman of the 60’s meets Devy the Delivery gal in 2014!

DTD uses cutting-edge technology to determine the most rule efficient and cost effective way to deliver their products right to your door. They use concentrated delivery areas to help keep their delivery fleet to a minimum, consolidating an average of 65 customers into one vehicle and route.

Talk about a great angle to help friends/family get healthy! Can’t you see organizing a group of neighbors/local friends to do this all together?

Join the Party!

Join the party by following the hashtag #FreshNewYear for the DTD Twitter Party on Thursday, January 9 at 7 p.m. central time.

You can also follow these party VIPs:

A Little More about Momma Cuisine

Johanna Cook is the inspiration behind Momma Cuisine, inspiring families since 2009 to make delicious, healthy, everyday meals. Johanna’s has become a leading cooking personality in Chicago and across the country thanks to her easy-going and engaging personality.  Check out Johanna’s recipes for yourself on  and view her cooking shows on Momma Cuisine YouTube.

Start the Party With Prizes!

You can start the party early by entering below to win one of two $100 gift cards for Door-to-Door Organics (enter your ZIP-code on the Door to Door Organics site to see if you’re in their delivery area first!) And then join the the Twitter party for even more fun!

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Door-to-Door Organics. All opinions are my own.

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