Fun Flower Tacks

I have NO idea what I’m doing here, but I’m sharing a second crafty post. That’s the way it goes, you know. You share one crafty candle post and the whole neighborhood goes to pot. Wait. What? Oh, you know what I mean. Actually, I met a new friend last month at the Mixed Conference, Kelly Marzka of the View Along the Way. She’s the greatest! A true kindred spirit. And when I told her about some of my crafty ideas, she told me I should definitely post about them. And that, my friends, led me to this moment. This “put yourself out there” kind of moment. And the next thing you know, I’m taking photos and sharing pictures of my Fun Flower Tacks. I hope you like them as much as I do!

DIY Fun Flower Tack by Namely Marly14

You know how people used to glue flowers onto the bottom of pens? “Used to” is kind of a stretch. I still see this trend even today. I think it’s an attempt to keep pens from being stolen.

Glue a large flower on the bottom of a pen and that way no one can easily slip the pen into their purse.

Because you know, stealing pens is something we all secretly crave. It’s all I can think about when I’m at the doctor’s office.

Well, that and how can I get through the exam without getting on the scale. Or the other big question is whether there’s actually anything the doctor can do to make me feel better or will this be another “let’s wait and see” discussion?

Finally, I reach that all encompassing thought — How can I steal this pen they gave me to fill out these gazillion forms that I just filled out when I was here the last time? I think it was two months ago.

Eyes rolled. Rant over.

Yes, flowers on the bottom of a pen are cute. And then one day I needed to put up a list on my wall. And I didn’t have any of that sticky stuff. But I did have a tack.

But a tack looked, I don’t know…kind of tacky.

So I got out my glue gun.

How to turn a boring tack into a beautiful flower

Then I took a flower (or two) from an artificial flower bush. It had so many, no one would miss them!

Adding a flower to a tack can magically transform it into something very special.

Then I placed that flower in the glue while it was still warm, being careful not to burn any fingers!

One layer of a lovely Fun Flower Tack

Voila! A beautiful little flower tack.

But, I figured why stop there. Right?

Putting the second layer of flower on my DIY Fun Flower Tack project

I placed a little dab of hot glue in the middle of the flower. Then I grabbed a second flower, alternating the petals so it showed a second layer of flowers.

A double layer Fun Flower Tack!

All this cuteness in one little tack? I can’t take it!

I used this pretty, little tack to leave myself notes. And I made another one with a different color to hang a calendar.

It all translates into adorable wall decorations. And, you know, that’s what I’m all about.

Here’s the step-by-step in recipe form.

DIY Fun Flower Tack


  • Tacks
  • Artificial Flowers of different sizes and colors
  • Hot glue gun and accompanying glue sticks (or glue of your choice)


  1. Turn your hot glue gun on so the glue begins to warm up.
  2. Pull a couple of flowers aside.
  3. Grab a tack. Place a dollop of glue in the middle of the tack (being careful not to touch your fingers with the glue). Press one of the flowers in the middle of the glue. Allow that to dry for a few seconds.
  4. Then place another dollop of glue in the middle of the flower. Press a second flower in the glue (again, being careful not to touch your fingers with the glue). Press a second flower in the middle of the glue. Twist the flower so that the petals are alternating.
  5. You can repeat this step for a third or even a fourth layer of flowers.


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