Get Back Jack

I wrote recently about our dog Coco and how he got his name. And I knew that meant there would come a day when I’d have to write about Jack.

I’ve written about Jack before. I talked about how he’s half spaniel and half crazy. He’s fearless when it comes to most things, but completely terrified of thunderstorms.

He hates it when I talk about that. No one likes to have their faults flaunted in front of others.

To tell you about how Jack got his name, I first have to introduce you to the one who named him. Behold, the cutey-pie niece.

Yes, just like Jack, she’s quite a poser…and very photogenic. Jack doesn’t have blue fingernails though. Maybe we should work on that.

She’s the brilliant mind behind the name Jack. She gave it to him when she was about 6 years old. Jack was thought to be about 2. Let’s see, in doggy years that made him….older than her! I asked her why she picked the name Jack and the conversation went something like this:

Marly: So, tell me, what made you pick the name Jack?
Cutey-pie Niece: I dunno, I guess I liked it.
Marly: Did you like that J is one of the most popular first letters for names in the Western world which is so interesting because J only became a recognized separate letter in the 17th century?
Cutey-pie Niece: I was 6!
Marly: Oh yeah. You probably just liked the sound of it.

And then the cutey-pie niece and I played photography wars, taking pics of each other with our cameras.

I wonder where I can buy some blue fingernail polish.

So that’s the story behind Jack’s name. I like the name. It has a lot of appropriate uses. We can say, “Get back, Jack.”

Or Jack the quack!

When he sits in front of us, he will tilt his head to look back. He’s trying to look adorable so we’ll pet him. It usually works. I think I’ll call this a Jack Attack!

Which makes Mr. Coco feel so sad and left out.

In the end, Jack is a perfect name given by the perfect cutey-pie niece for a perfect half-spaniel, half-crazy dog.

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