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Today it’s time to talk fitness! What do you think of when you contemplate a vegan? Be honest. Is it a crunchy, granola hipster with birkenstocks and a cup of cold brew? Well, if that’s what you thought, you’re not alone. But today I’m talking about to Ella Magers, otherwise known as the Sexy Fit Vegan about getting sexy fit abs.

Episode 26 of the Namely Marly Podcast is Getting Sexy Fit Abs with Ella Magers

If you’ve been contemplating a vegan diet because you want to be fit and healthy, then today’s show is for you! Because oftentimes I focus on the holistic side of eating — whether that be finding the joy, indulgence or health of it — and forget to talk about the fitness side as much.

It takes a little (or a lot) of both!

That’s why today I’m talking with Ella Magers of the site Sexy Fit Vegan about how you can use a plant-based diet combined with a structured fitness routine for getting sexy fit abs in six weeks!

Ella talks about how she was passionate about animals from an early age and that’s why she became a certified personal trainer and a master’s degree in social work. Understanding body and mind is the best way to change behaviors.

I created recipes that were easy to do but also very satisfying and delicious and flavorful. — Ella Magers, @sexyfitvegan

I recommend one full rest day a week; recovery is just as important as the workout. Ella Magers, @sexyfitvegan

Make yourself a ‘no excuse’ policy for working out. — Ella Magers, @sexyfitvegan

Fruit is good for you. Don’t let anyone tell you any different. Eat fruit! — SexyFitVegan

We hope today’s episode of the Namely Marly Podcast inspires you to go out and live a passion-filled life!

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In today’s episode you’ll learn about:

  • Why Ella decided at an early age that she didn’t want to eat meat
  • Ella’s conversion to a plant-based, vegan diet
  • Why Ella became certified as a personal trainer and her goal in working with her clients
  • Why Ella earned a master’s degree in social work and how she believes that helps her with the work she does with her clients
  • My two favorite chai teas, one of which is caffeine free
  • My favorite and stylish way to track daily activity and sleep
  • Speaking of sleep, I have a new morning trick to get better sleep each night
  • What I’ve been reading in March
  • What I’ve been watching in March
  • What’s coming up next week on the podcast

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That’s it for today’s podcast. As always, thanks so much for joining in the discussion!

Health + Happiness to you!

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