Happy Spring and a Dark Chocolate Give-Away

Today is the first day of Spring. Of course, as I write this I can see little bits of snow swirling outside my window. Can you believe it? I don’t know about you but I’m so ready for some pleasant Spring weather. I want to sit with friends on the patio sipping tea. I want to leave the house without bulky coats and all the paraphernalia. Winter has left her dull mark on our landscape and I’m ready to see some color on our daily walks. We already have some tulips and daffodils trying burst through the ground so I know it won’t be long.

I’m always looking for any old reason to celebrate, and since it’s the first day of Spring, I think that’ll do.

But to add some icing on the cake, today is also the very first International Day of Happiness.

Talk about something to celebrate! Today my idea of celebrating involves a give-away with dark chocolate.

Need I say more?

Celebrate Spring with a Dark Chocolate Give-away

I received a sample of this chocolate to make sure it would meet the high standards I have for you all. That’s the kind of person I am. I was so pleased with the rich, delicious flavor of the chocolate. As if that wasn’t enough, the pistachio nuts, coconut and sea salt added even more pizzaz. I had hoped to eat little bits of the chocolate at a time; imagining my future self taking a nibble here and there. But in the end, and as per usual, my present self won out. Oh, present self! How much you torment me!

One lucky person will get to enjoy nibbling away at two varieties of vegan, dark chocolate from the Sweet Boutique, Sucré:

  • Dark Chocolate Bark and
  • Coconut and Toasted Almond Chocolate Bar.

You may have seen Sucré in mentioned in O Magazine. Or maybe you heard that their rockstar pastry chef, Tariq Hannah, was listed as one of the top 10 Chocolatiers in North America.

Spring is a good reason for Dark Chocolate

Happy first day of Spring!


give-away details

This contest is now closed. Congratulations to the winner, Kelley H!

Here are the give-away details:

One lucky Namelymarly.com fan can win this Sucré Dark Chocolate Bark and and Coconut and a Toasted Almond Chocolate Bar (pictured above).

This giveaway will be open from today, Wednesday, March 20, 2013 through Friday, March 22, 2013 at midnight.  Winner will be chosen at random. This giveaway will ship to USA entries only.

To Enter  – leave a comment about your favorite kind of chocolate. Or head over to the lovely Sucré site and tell me what your favorite item is from their site. By the way, O Magazine described their macaroons as “almost too pretty to eat.”

Extra Entries: Come back and leave a separate comment for each


Disclosure: From time-to-time I share about brands I have tried and enjoy. I feel this is a service to my readers who may be wanting to try different products but are reluctant without knowing more about them. I am grateful to work with brands and to share about them with you. Sucré provided me with a free sample of today’s give-away so I could ensure it was something I wanted to share with my readers. The many opinions I have on a variety of topics, including today’s post, are completely and entirely my own.

Happy Spring!

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84 Responses to Happy Spring and a Dark Chocolate Give-Away

  1. Peanut butter and Chocolate anything!

  2. I’m torn on which I’d like to try! The dark chocolate packages look delish but those macaroons… wow. I think I’d have to go with one of the signature collection sampler packs.

  3. Thanks so much for having the contest! 🙂

    My favorite kind of chocolate is 60-70% dark with almonds. So good! Actually, from Sucré’s site I would probably pick the Coconut and a Toasted Almond Chocolate Bar as my favorite.

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  7. I am now following Sucre on Twitter! @CookingChickTX

  8. My favorite chocolate is dark chocolate.

  9. Liked your FB page (I thought I already had).

  10. Dark chocolate makes everything better and is the reason for the existence of the Universe. Need a therapist? Nah, just one square of high quality dark chocolate will fix it. Fight with your best friend? Just a bit of chocolate will mend the fences, particularly if it’s shared with that bestie you differed with. What if you need a man? Well, chocolate does have its limitations. Be forewarned that imbibing in only a small bit of dark chocolate may actually increase your desire for a man, girls, but what a way to ease the wait! In short, turn to chocolate in your time of need and in you time for celebration. Versatile and essential, always stock some good quality chocolate in your basic pantry reserves. Wishing all some great chocolate, Sue

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  16. Last one- followed Sucré on FB! Yay! Thanks again!

  17. I HAVE to try those macarons! They come in such pretty Easter colors!

  18. Pretty much any dark chocolate – the darker the better!

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  22. Favorite chocolate is dark and nutty.

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  24. And Sucre!

  25. My favorite is chocolate anything with nuts but I like the idea of the dark chocolate samplers because I could see how one really good piece of dark chocolate per day could satisfy my chocolate cravings. Good and good for me!

  26. I love coconut & I love almond so, of course, the coconut & almond bar sounds ah-mazing to me!! yum!!!

  27. Oh gosh, any of the macaroons for sure!

  28. I am addicted to dark chocolate, especially when it’s paired with coconut, peanut butter or nuts like almonds or pecans

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  32. The Dark Chocloate Lover’s Collection looks so delicious.

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  35. This looks like some mighty fine chocolate!

  36. I love any sort of dark chocolate, yum!

  37. Dark chocolate is my favorite. I mean really dark. Over 80% cacao.

  38. My favorite chocolate is white chocolate, actually, but my boyfriend loves dark chocolate.

  39. Dark chocolate covered peanuts

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  42. Joanne Gregory

    I love dark chocolate truffles.

  43. Joanne Gregory

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  45. My favorite is bittersweet chocolate 70-72%.

  46. I like both milk chocolate and dark chocolate.

  47. Love love milk chocolate and my husband loves dark. I love chocolate mixed with caramel. But chocolate is wonderful in most any manner.

  48. I want to taste a New Orleans Collection Southern Pecan Macaron (right now!)

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  54. Beth in TN

    I am crazy for coconut. Dark chocolate and coconut is just doubly delish.

  55. I feel like spring is still so far away here, with lots of snow cover yet. That chocolate sounds fabulous – I always lean to the dark side! 🙂

  56. Salted chocolate is my favorite, and anything sucre makes is amazing!

  57. I love all chocolate especially chocolate covered macaroons. Thanks for the chance to win.

  58. Chocolate and caramel are the tastiest!!

  59. The After Dinner Collection looks divine! Thanks for the giveaway!

  60. Ohh I’m loving the chocolate caramel one ohhh man

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    – Kamila

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  66. I love chocolate, preferably with raspberries.

  67. Dark chocolate, hands down

  68. I would love to try the New Orleans Chocolate Collection

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  71. Dark Chocolate Lovers Collection

  72. Avery Salted Caramels

  73. raspberry chocolate!

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  77. International Day of Happiness? That’s my kind of holiday — love it! The Sucré Dark Chocolate Bark sounds so amazing!

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  79. I like dark chocolate with nuts or caramel or mint best!

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