I Am Sabrina

I Am Sabrina is the first post in my new series called Name Stories.

Our lives are made of stories. There’s one about that scar on your chin. Or the hilarious one about driving your first car. Or how about that first kiss. There are also stories about names. Why a name was selected. An awful nickname from childhood. Mispronunciations gone wrong. This is what inspired me to start a new series called Name Stories.ย  Names are my inspiration and I will be sharing with you photographs of people and some fun, inspiring stories about their names.

Let’s begin with Sabrina and the story about how she almost got a name that would have been entirely wrong for her.

Namely Marly Name Stories series begins with I am Sabrina, a story about Sabrina and her name.

You can learn more about Sabrina on her blog the Tomato Tart.

Stay tuned for more posts in this new series, Name Stories soon.

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5 Responses to I Am Sabrina

  1. Loving this new series Marly – thank you for the introduction to Sabrina.

  2. Hi Marly,
    Thank you so much for having me in your series. I am thrilled to be the first in this new exploration. Looking forward to many more.

  3. I think Sabrina is both a unique and beautiful name – infact I once knew a teenage witch with the same name.

    I’m sorry, I’m a dumbass….

  4. Yes, your grandmother was wise. Your name suits you. Like Marly, I’m glad to begin reading this interesting series.

  5. Sabrina, you are definitely not Willow Summer. ๐Ÿ™‚ But with your personality you would make that name very cool as well ๐Ÿ™‚


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