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The latest guest in my Namely Marly Podcast interviews is Victoria Moran. Victoria is a life coach, whole living health consultant, worldwide speaker and author of over 10 books, some of which have landed her on the Oprah Show. Today Victoria is speaking with me about how to stay motivated with those pesky New Year’s Goals, and a little about names as well.

Victoria Moran pictured here accompanying an interview on Namely Marly

Now are the days when those New Year’s resolutions begin to look a little dreary. I don’t know about you, but I always start with great enthusiasm I’m my New Year’s goals only to get about right here and start to wonder what I was thinking in the first place. Then I resort to that whiny seven year old residing inside me and think, “Why does change have to be so hard?”

Victoria Moran has some words of wisdom for us. The best way to be successful with goals is to care. Of course we care about the goals; that’s why we wrote them out on a napkin at 2 in the morning on December 31. What Victoria wants to remind us is to care about ourselves.
“Taking care of yourself takes energy, commitment, and a willingness to go through some discomfort. Unless you think you’re really, really worth it, you’re just not going to do it.”

Victoria Moran is a vivacious vegan and whole living lifestyle coach.

Sure, you might be thinking. It’s easy for Victoria. She’s a life coach and a holistic health counselor. You can think that until you learn about Victoria’s story. A chronic over-eater, Victoria worked hard and long to learn the life skills that landed her where she is today.
And it’s true that making health a habit does make it easier to follow-through. In fact, Victoria told me about something her trainer recently told her, “The best discipline is no discipline.”

I like it. The Zen of New Year’s Goals.

But it makes sense when you really start to think about it. When you get to the point of wanting to treat yourself well, you do it. You don’t have to make it work, it works for you.

Healthy people do healthy things. That’s another quote Victoria shared with me during our talk.
Victoria reminds us that the people we admire the most, usually are those that have a disciplined life. “People who have a certain healthy discipline, tend to have better lives.”

The question is how to adopt more discipline into your own life. Victoria suggests taking on what she calls “The Sacred Seven.” Pick seven simple activities that you discover makes your day work best. Maybe it’s exercise, or meditation, or writing in a journal. No one else can tell you what goes on your Sacred Seven list. Just make sure they’re the kinds of things you can do every day.

Now. Do your Sacred Seven every day for a year and realize the amazing difference in your life.

Name Interview: Victoria Moran

I can’t talk to someone for very long without the topics of names sneaking into the conversation. I’ve actually had the pleasure of talking with Victoria about names some time ago. That’s because Victoria was my life coach and she counseled me on writing a book proposal on the topic of names for which I now have an agent.

But her story is so moving and her insight so inspirational, it was worth a second conversation. Victoria’s parents actually named her Vickie, but the soubriquet didn’t represent everything she was about. And come to find out, she wasn’t the only one who felt that way. The minister presiding over her childhood christening blessed her with the name Victoria.

Eventually she went through the formal process of changing it so that now she is legally (and spiritually, she adds) Victoria.

Sometimes you just have to go out there in the world and change something, even if it’s your name. —Victoria Moran

Victoria has traveled the world over and she explained that in some cultures it’s actually considered a right of passage for a person to change her name. “It’s one thing to be given a name by your parents, and it’s another thing to find your own,” she explained.

Come join me for a fun and motivational discussion with Victoria Moran about life goals, names, Victoria’s new book Main Street Vegan, and more.

Podcast Referenced Resources:Main Street Vegan by Victoria Moran

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