King Coco

We had a lazy weekend morning recently where we sat on the newly built deck (thanks, honey!) and enjoyed the start to our day. It lasted just until the mosquitoes came out in full force (yes, mosquitoes begin their attack even early in the day in our neighborhood).

The deck was a long time in coming and we were grateful to be at a point where we could finally enjoy it. But I don’t think anyone is enjoying it as much as Coco.

Perched up near the gateway to the yard, he finally feels as tall as he thinks he is.

From this vantage point he can peruse the yard and spot any critters that need to be chased.

Or at least think about it…

Mostly, King Coco seems to prefer some sort of Jedi mind manipulation, signaling squirrels to beware. At least that’s what I imagine he’s doing because he does a lot more looking and ear twisting  than actual chasing.

We love the new deck and we know it will bring many benefits, some expected and some yet to be determined. One bonus we hadn’t anticipated was that our deck would become the throne for King Coco!

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7 Responses to King Coco

  1. Coco is the king! He’s cutest king. And, yeah, those ears look like they are on high alert. He’s just letting everyone in the yard know how it is…
    p.s. I can’t see much of the deck, but what I can see looks very well built and lovely!

    • Yes, he is such a cute king. He is always cracking me up! He’s kind of scruffy right now, but I love that moppy look he gets.

  2. What a precious pooch. I love how animals take time to just sit and savor. We need to follow their lead more often. I hope you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend with lots of good time on your deck!

  3. King Coco is my kind of dog – I like his style – scopes out the lay of the land and then thinks about it for a while! Have a wonderful holiday Marly!

  4. He truly loves it there 😀
    My nutcases would roam around in the grass. Grass! What pleasure 😉

    • We should swap dogs one of these days. It’s fun to say that, but I think I would miss my little Coco-NUT!

  5. Coco is adorable! Enjoy your beautiful new deck!


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