Living Your Dream Life

Have you read these inspirational words, “Live your best life!”? How do you take those words and make them a reality?

One of the most inspirational resources I’ve found for living a life well-dreamed is making a dream board. The ingredients are simple: a blank poster or canvas board, a few of your favorite magazines, scissors, and glue. Oh, and did I mention finger paints? And glitter? And colorful stickers? Now, this is my idea of a fun project!

My daughter and I ended up with an evening alone together recently, so we plotted to create our 2011 dream boards. It began with a quick trip to our local craft store for supplies.

Then we put on our favorite creative music, put the dogs in the bedroom (so they wouldn’t get their messy noses in our business), and spread out our crafty knickknacks all over the living room floor. It was quite a mess, but it was well worth it in the end.

Marly's dream board for 2011

Sometimes true creativity requires being messy.

Next, we flipped through a variety of magazines cutting out words, phrases, and images that really made an impression. (You obviously don’t want to include any magazines you haven’t already read!) Then we organized our clippings on the blank board, and glued them on in a way that we liked. The beauty of this project is that there really is no “wrong” way to do it. You are the artist of your dream board so as long as it feels pleasing to you, it’s a winner!

Once we had the images glued, we began adding decorations. We painted colors around the images, and then added stickers and glitter. Whatever worked!

Creating a dream board for the new year can be a fun project for friends and families!

I felt particularly drawn to the word queen. Not that I’m trying to become some matriarchal monarch. Although now that I think about that, it doesn’t sound too bad. I think the concept was on my mind because I read a quote recently by Oprah:

Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness. — Oprah

Who wants to fail? Not me! But when I think of in Oprah’s terms, I realize it is part of the process.

So in keeping with the “Queen” theme, I added these playful sticker birds with diamond eyes…all of them wearing crowns and some toting magic wands.

I started with an image of a “centered being” in the middle. Then I created five different segments on my dream board.

  • Growth:  A reminder to stretch myself – both intellectually and physically.
  • Hobbies: I want to continue to improve and spend time doing the things I really enjoy like playing guitar, writing, photography, cooking, and exercising.
  • Love: I want to be more loving to the people in my life including my hubby and daughter and extending through the rest of my family and friends and of course you too! Life is not well-lived unless there is love!
  • Connections: From love I progressed to giving. My dream life includes making connections with different people and organizations and giving in ways to help people, animals, and the earth.
  • Motivation: Throughout the board I have different words of motivation such as: Charmed (a nod to one of my favorite authors, Victoria Moran and her Charmed Life book series), Brilliant, More, and my favorite, I Want it All!

I’m not asking for much, eh?

Love is an important ingredient to living your best life and this dream board by Marly captures that concept.

If you want to create your own dream board, there are lots of wonderful resources to guide you. Here are some of my absolute favorites:

  • Vein of Gold. Is there anyone more inspirational than Julia Cameron? If you haven’t read her books, I would highly recommend stopping whatever you’re doing and going to bookstore today and buying anything written by her. One of my favorite books is The Vein of Gold. In it, she provides several creative exercises of self-discovery, one of which is called an Abundance Collage.
  • North Star. Marth Beck is another favorite author and she provides a host of wonderful exercises in her book, “Finding Your Own North Star.” She also wrote an article in O’s June 2010 on called, “What the Heck’s a Vision Board – and How it Can Change Your Life?”
  • Karen Walrond writes the fabluous blog, Chookooloonks and has a couple of books on her belt as well. She has a post featured on BlogHer called, Own Your Beauty, Month 3: Tips for Your Vision Board.

No matter what your source of instruction or inspiration, I hope you create a vision/dream board and let it become a source of inspiration to live your best life in 2011!

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