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Every now and then you meet someone who amazes you. Everything they say resonates so profoundly and makes you feel like you’ve found a kindred spirit. Or at least a spirit that you’d like to be kindred with.

This is how I felt when I talked with Karen Walrond recently. Karen is the luminous, creative mastermind behind the award-winning blog Chookooloonks. She’s also recently published a book, The Beauty of Different, about redefining self-described flaws and discovering and cherishing your own beauty.

Name interview with Karen Walrond, author of the book The Beauty of Different

I was so pleased when I reached out to Karen and she agreed to talk to me about her name. And I was even more pleased during the interview itself.

It’s no wonder she has such a brilliant blog and insightful book. Talking to Karen Walrond feels like swimming in an ocean of inspired wisdom. Here are some of phrases she shared effortlessly from her well-tended and fully stocked reservoir:

  • Success comes when you believe in yourself and you work hard for it
  • Learn yourself well
  • Know what your different is
  • Use your compass eye
  • Understanding what lights you up is important
  • You’re a tiny bit of awesome in a whole universe of awesome!

This is not exactly what I expected to hear from an engineer. But then again, Karen is not just an engineer. Having excelled in math as a child, engineering school seemed like a likely choice. But her career as an engineer didn’t leave her feeling completely satisfied. So she left engineering and went back to school and became an attorney. Then she used that law degree to develop a successful and demanding corporate career. But becoming a parent caused Karen to question the long hours. So she left that career and it was then that Karen found her true calling by pursuing her real passion. It was the thing that she knew she wanted to be as a child, but was dissuaded from in one way or another. She became a photographer.

When I think about it, I realize that the inspired wisdom that flows from Karen like water from a fountain is exactly the kind of thing I would expect to hear from an engineer…turned attorney…turned photographer. Long and winding roads oftentimes lead to more interesting doors.

And it’s her career as a photographer that really caused her life to blossom in ways she could have never imagined. She authors a blog, Chookoloonks, where she parallels her stunning photography with her powerful words of insights about life. She is a contributor to the book Expressive Photography: A Shutter Sisters’ Guide to Shooting from the Heart. And she’s even appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show talking about motherhood.

The latest Namely Marly Podcast features photographer Karen Walrond.

Her most recent venture has been a book called, The Beauty of Different. In this book, Karen encourages readers not only to question their own conventional ideas of beauty, but also to imagine their own self-described flaws as sources of inspiration. From that perspective she describes how we all can become superheroes of our own lives. Now that’s a concept worth pondering!

You can learn more about Karen and her fun expressive photography projects on her site Chookooloonks. For now, enjoy my Namely Marly podcast interview with Karen about her name.

Podcast Referenced Resources:A picture of Karen Walrond's book, The Beauty of Different

Karen’s blog Chookooloonks

Expressive Photography: A Shutter Sisters’ Guide to Shooting from the Heart.

The Beauty of Different

Source: Photos on this page from Chookooloonks

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5 Responses to Name Interview: Karen Walrond

  1. Sounds like a wonderful book, will checkit out.

  2. awesome work, just fablous!

  3. Wonderful Marly, I know why you enjoyed this interview so much, Karen is so full of life. Would love a girl’s night out with her. The interview made me realize there is still time to find a new path in life, who knows what tomorrow will bring.

  4. I met Karen at Blissdom…so nice to learn a little more about her! 🙂

    • That looked like it was such a great conference! Very, um, what’s the word? Blissful!


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