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Michael Gelbart began performing at local comedy clubs before he was even old enough to order a drink. While in college he would dash off on weekends to perform at various clubs around the country. His hard work resulted in a successful career including comedy specials on Canada’s CBC as well as appearances on talk shows like The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson on CBS. He’s also written and performed in films and series for Teen Nick, Disney, Cartoon Network and Lifetime.

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As if that weren’t enough, now he’s spreading his comedic reach in another direction. He’s written a book. You might not think it’s much of a stretch for a comedian to write a book. Steve Martin did it. So did Seinfeld. But Michael’s book is different. It’s a novel written from the perspective of four women!

And here’s the part that really drew me in, these four women all have something very unique in common, they all have the same first name… Oprah. In explaining his inspiration for the book, Gelbart said, “In the past 25 years, no name has had a greater cultural impact.” Gelbart explains that the book is really much more than women sharing the same name. It’s about love, friendship and self-respect. “Of course,” Gelbart adds with his endearing deadpan humor, “I do hope that everyone named Oprah reads it.”

Michael has a good understanding of the power of names having grown up with one of the most common male names in the last 50 years, Michael. He says that having such a familiar name inspired him to try to stand out from the crowd and was part of the inspiration to venture into comedy.

You can find learn more about Michael on his sites listed below. For now, enjoy my fun Namely Marly podcast interview with Michael about his book, his comedy, and his name.

Podcast Referenced Resources:

Michael Gelbart Website be sure to check out his “Video” page to see clips of Michael performing!

The Other Oprahs where you can watch a trailer about the book and download some sample pages.

You can also “like” Michael on his Facebook Page.
You can follow Michael on Twitter

Correction: The podcast intro makes this statement: Michael is a successful comedian whose career highlights include comedy specials on both Canada’s CTV and the US’s CBC.” This statement should read, “the US’s CBS.”

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One Response to Name Interview: Michael Gelbart

  1. Neat! I wish I had enough confidence when I was a teen to do what Michael did. Back when I was a teen and early twenties person working in restaurants, people would always tell me I was so funny and that ‘I was in the wrong business’. They’d always ask me why I didn’t try to be a comedian. Too bad I didn’t b/c I’m not funny anymore (smile).
    Anyway, Michael is another very inspiring person, and his book sounds so thoughtful. Thanks, Marly!


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