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This is a celebratory post because it launches the very first Namely Marly Podcast! I recently interviewed Pilar Gerasimo, the founding editor of Experience Life Magazine. She also serves as Life Time Fitness’s Vice President of Education. I spoke with Pilar recently about her unique and lovely name.

Pilar describes a favorite quote from singer, songwriter David Wilcox is this, “When you lay your dreams to rest you can get what’s second best, but it’s hard to get enough.” And that’s the part about Pilar that draws you in, quoting poignant lyrics from less-than-mainstream musicians about the importance of following your dreams.

Here’s a brief excerpt of our discussion:

What did your parents name you when you were born?

My parents named me Pilar Gerasimo. No middle name.

No middle name?

No. There’s a story behind that!

OK. That’s my next question!

My mom and dad were traveling in New Mexico visiting some artist friends in a town named Pilar, New Mexico, which was a kind of a dustbowl in some ways but a kind of a beautiful place, in between the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and the Rio Grande River. My mom fell in love with the whole environment — the smells of the sagebrush, the beauty of this place — and she always remembered it. As her pregnancy progressed she was trying to get my dad to agree on names. One day she took a little nap and it sort of came to her, this vision of Pilar, New Mexico and really liking that name and so she proposed to my father the idea of Maya Pilar and my father said, “I don’t really care for the Maya part, but I like Pilar. Let’s just go with that.”

How wonderful that your name has a story rather than some name picked out of a book.

I feel like I’m sort of a walking souvenir for that trip for my mom. I just was talking to her about it this morning because I told her I was going to be talking with you and it was amazing to me how much sensual imagery she could come up with about staying in this little cabin that was built in the middle of this incredibly scenic, natural environment. The smell of the sage and the sunshine and the high desert air. And I thought, “Jeez! I really AM the souvenir! This is wonderful that my name can bring all this back for you!” I’m very honored by the name and I do like it.

In our interview, Pilar describes the revolutionary side of Experience Life Magazine and its readers. Here’s what she said: “In the current culture that is predominately unhealthy, many people are now overweight than not, one out of two adult Americans are struggling with chronic diseases, almost none of us eat as many vegetables as we ought to, and almost none of us get as much exercise as we should. Becoming a healthy person in the context of that much unhealthy pressure is a revolutionary act. It requires revolutionary choices. It also changes the world around you in revolutionary ways. When you get healthy it really does revolutionize your life and the life of other people around you.”

I think you can tell from these brief excerpts that this is not just a typical name interview. Pilar Gerasimo is a person you’ll be thrilled to learn more about, including her magazine Experience Life.

I hope you like the new podcast format. Now you can download the interview and listen to it as you fix Vegan Macaroni and Cheese Casserole, or take a walk or whatever.  Then let me know what you think of the new format. I love your feedback!

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  1. Hey Marly, I loved hearing your voice on the Podcast. Oh, and Pilar’s too (smile). It was nice to hear an interview with such an interesting person, though I did try to read it too. I’m trying to read more;)


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