Namely Marly Has a New Design

If you haven’t noticed by now, I have a blog. It’s like my home away from home. A place where I get to share with you some of my favorite stuff – recipes, stories, photographs, complete and utter goofiness. And you all like me, goofiness and all. Well, at least I think you do.

One thing I know for sure, you’ll stick around for pics of this guy. Mr. Coco is adorable to say the least.

Coco the Westie looking forlorn.

I’m really lucky to have a talented web designer hubby. So when we talked about redesigning the site a few months ago I came up with a huge list of demands and insisted on everything being exactly as you see it today. What can I say, I’m a diva.

OK. Really? I’m not. Honestly, all the bells and whistles…and the code behind it? All his ideas. Except the font. I did pick out the font. Well, he picked it out but I gave the final approval. That’s an important job.

You can never accuse me of micromanaging. It’s not in my nature. Unless we’re talking about food and then that’s a different story altogether!

Here are some things we’re excited to share with you about this site redesign.


Namely Marly is Responsive

No, that doesn’t mean I will answer your questions. No wait, I will try to do that…as long as we’re not talking quantum physics. Responsive here is referring to the site design. Before, Namely Marly was only quasi-responsive…sort of like Quasimoto but without the cathedral. And 2013, as we all know, is the year of Responsive Sites. I am nothing if not completely up-to-date in all the latest trends. Which, of course, is evidenced by my use of the term “up-to-date.”

If you want the more technical explanation, a responsive web design uses queries to determine what device its being served on and adapts the content accordingly. This process is made possible through flexible images and grids. Someone coming to the site from their laptop can expect to see larger images and columns of content. The mobile phone user will see a shrunken down version with smaller images and a single column. Sort of like a jack-0-lantern when you’ve left it out a month after Halloween…without the wrinkles. Of course, none of us would ever do that, right?

OK. Technical and holiday terms aside.

We’re seeing more and more people accessing the site through mobile technology and a responsive design lets you see the site at its best from whichever device you happen to be using — from your iPhone, to your iPad, to your laptop, or your 72″ flatscreen TV. Well, maybe not the TV screen. We’ll work on that next time. Right, honey?

So here’s an example of the differences you’ll see on a full page layout compared to that mobile phone.

Mobile Version of the Namely Marly Site

Kinda cool!

Larger Photos

If you haven’t noticed, I like taking a photo or two and now the site will display the main post’s photo a little larger. We thought, briefly, about an automatic image slider on the home page, but we’re not convinced users appreciate those. Instead, we opted for a larger photo on the  home page, accompanied by a lighter background screen and a new and improved font. It’s so pretty!!!

Streamlined Navigational Bar

I think “streamlined” is such a Dilbert word, but it sounds impressive, so I’m using it anyway. I wonder if that’s what Dilbert thinks too? Oh well. We’re trying to make the site as user friendly as possible and changing up the categories and the Navigational Bar to best suit user’s needs was definitely key. We’re also displaying those categories, along with the podcast right on the home page now!

Email Newsletter!

We don’t want you to worry that you’ll miss any Namely Marly blog posts so, based on popular demand, we’re offering an email newsletter. There’s over 80,000 of you that follow Namely Marly via Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and G+. And we’re thrilled with so many who subscribe to our RSS feed. Now there’s one more way to follow Namely Marly, our brand new email newsletter!

Sign up for the Namely Marly newsletter

There’s More…Much More!

We still can’t make your coffee or sweep the rugs for ya, but who knows, maybe someday. In the meantime, there’s lots of other little tweaks here and there we’ll be doing along the way. It’s the nature of the beast…which is just one more thing I love about blogging. It’s like life — always changing and hopefully for the better!

Here’s wishing lots of love, happiness and veggies,


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  1. Great new look! LOVE!!


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