NMP #29: April Favorites – Authenticity, Music, Tropical Tea and More!

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Today it’s time for April Favorites. I’m sharing with you things from April that left a notable impression, including both things and thoughts. This month I’m talking about dreams, authenticity, music, tropical tea and more! Check out the links below to learn more about each of these.

Episode 29 of the Namely Marly Podcast features Marly talking about April Favorites


We were anticipating that April would be the beginning of Spring, but we’re still wearing our winter coats for the morning walk with the dogs. But we’ve definitely been getting outside and enjoying the weather. In fact, it was Shawn’s birthday in April and so I got him a Withings watch, like mine, and now we’re working to get our 10,000 steps every day. It’s nice to have companionship on a goal like that and now Shawn is passionate about getting those steps in every day as well!

I also had a dream about bluebirds which I believe has helped me get over the heavy emotional toll of grief.

We also went out to see some live music. I loved that. In fact, I had such a great time, I’m hoping we can make it a regular thing. You know, it’s just so easy to get in the habit of watching a show at home. It’s comfortable. But sometimes I feel it’s necessary to be purposeful about getting out. Julia Cameron calls these artists dates. I can see why because getting outside of your comfort zone can really feed your soul.

I have a goal of going to the museum entirely by myself. Now that I’ve “said that” out loud, it may need to be a goal to “report” on that for May Favorites! 🙂

I continue to love the topic of authenticity. I think I’m so fascinated by it because of my tendency to be a people pleaser…for most of my life! So at what point do you know what/who is the real you!

I continue to talk with people about this topic and I continue to read about it. And the other day I wrote this in my journal:

You are the author of your own life when you are authentic. So the big question becomes, how can you become authentic? Being authentic is about listening to your IM (inner Me) and having the divine, sovereign authority and personal expression to allow your outsides to match your IM. — Marly McMillen

I’ll share more about authenticity soon, but today is all about, Tropical Green Tea, forest candles, finding ways to stay active every day, finding tools like my stylish Withings watch to help me track my activity, shows I’ve watched, books I’ve read, and what you can expect next week on the Namely Marly Podcast!

Featured Content – NMP April Favorites

In today’s episode you’ll learn about:

  • My thoughts on dreams and how they can help you, even through things like grief
  • My new favorite tropical green tea
  • Shawn’s new favorite and stylish way to track daily activity and sleep
  • What I’ve been reading in April
  • What I’ve been watching in April
  • Shawn and I went to watch a band play live and how I hope to make that a more common occurrence in the future
  • What’s coming up next week on the podcast

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Health + Happiness to you!

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