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Have you ever thought about why you eat what you eat? Today my guest, Robin Schaper talks about Saying Goodbye to Meat, and how to transition to a vegan diet. If you love plant-based discussions, then you’ll want to listen to my interview with Julie Piatt on her latest book, This Cheese is Nuts. Or how about this episode where I talk about Vegans Who Eat Honey.

Robin Schaper is on the Namely Marly Podcast talking about Saying Goodbye to Meat. We're talking about his book that was recently released in the United States called Questioning Meat where he shares different perspectives about meat and why your life would be better without it.

Going vegan is the single biggest thing you could do for the environment. — Robin Schaper, Questioning Meat

Today I’m speaking with Robin Schaper about his book Questioning Meat (see link below). So many people I talk to in our country are looking for ways to make a difference. Robin has a simple, but profound answer. Go vegan.

Because saying goodbye to meat helps you make a statement politically at the same time you’re improving your own health, and showing compassion toward animals. It’s a win-win-WIN!

Robin’s Story

It all began for Robin at the tender age of 5. That’s when he gave up meat, because he saw what he was eating and didn’t want to harm animals. He tried talking to those around him about it, but eventually stopped. Because it wasn’t working; no one seemed to be listening.

A fews years ago, Robin had an epiphany and that all changed. He realized that as an adult, he had a better platform to speak from. And he noticed that other people were more open to the idea of vegetarian and veganism. He thought, why not give it another shot?

People were responding more positively to his message, so he decided to write a book about it. He felt the book would reach a larger audience and it has since become a popular book in his country, The Netherlands.

He began the process of writing the book by asking questions of people who were eating meat and dairy. Before he hadn’t been so interested in their perspective; he tried to speak at them, but not with them. Then he realized people have a lot of ideas about the food they eat.

Robin calls people’s belief about their food, a Network of Convictions. Here are some examples of the Network of Convictions that Robin has heard people say over the years:

  • Eating meat is natural
  • Humans have always eaten meat
  • We’re omnivores
  • We need meat for protein.
  • Humans are more important than animals, so it’s ok to eat them.

These convictions along with the habit of eating meat, keeps the pattern going Robin wrote this book to address these beliefs.

Being vegan is an opening. You question beliefs you’ve had for such a long time and it releases you from all that. — Marly McMillen, Namely Marly

Robin eats a lot of vegetables and encourages others to do so as well. If you haven’t eaten a lot of veggies, you might think you don’t like them. I know I was that with a lot of different vegetables. For example, tomatoes. I hated tomatoes for forever. I wouldn’t even touch a plate of salad if someone tried to scrape the tomatoes off. I wouldn’t have anything to do with it. Then one day, I tried a tomato for the thousandth time, and I liked it. Now I eat them frequently. It’s all about trying again and again.

The fact that you don’t like something right away is not a guarantee; stick with it for a few weeks. — Robin Schaper, Questioning Meat

We talk about the environmental reasons for going saying goodbye to meat. Factory farming is not only a terrible environment for the animals, it ravages the environment.

Also, there’s political power to being vegan. When you buy plant-based products instead of meat, think of the message you’re sending based on how you’re spending your dollars. That stands out to industry, consultants, politicians, and more.

Finally, the benefits of questioning meat is pretty huge as well.

The Nutrition of Saying Goodbye to Meat

Robin shares research from his book about protein, a popular question people ask about vegan diets. Most people don’t realize how much protein we actually need, which is only about 9% of our diet. If you look at plant-based food, most has more than 9% protein or more. So it doesn’t really matter what you eat, a plant-based diet supplies ample.

In fact, there are bad side effects of having too much protein, especially animal-based proteins.

So we talk about carbs, including low-carb diets.

Robin shares about the differences between fats, which ones are bad for us and which ones are better. Animal products contain a lot of saturated fat and plant-based foods contain a lot of unsaturated fat.

Robin’s book, Questioning Meat, has a lot of graphs that breaks down the vegan diet. You can download Robins book for free (see the link below). I asked him about that, why he would give his book away for free, but he said his goal was simply to reach a large audience. He didn’t want there to be any barrier to entry.

We talk about Robin’s diet and his passion for peanut butter. That’s a diet I can definitely agree with!

I really enjoyed the opportunity to talk with Robin. I think he’s doing great work and the fact that he’s providing this book for free to help you and people you know make better decisions about your food, well, that’s pretty impressive.

I really enjoyed talking with Robin and I hope you’ll enjoy hearing it.

Health + Happiness,


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Show Notes — Saying Goodbye to Meat

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  1. With vegan ‘meat’ like this vegan burger, there is no need to eat unhealthy real meat full of antibiotics and carcinogen substances.


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