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If you’ve ever experienced issues with weight in your life, today’s guest on the Namely Marly podcast has a message for you. Understand yourself as a whole being. That’s where the healing from emotional eating begins and a life of eating from a place of nutrition begins. Tune in on my discussion with Vegan Chef, author and wellness coach, Tess Challis as she talks about plant-based Food Love.

Namely Marly Podcast Episode 30 - Plant-Based Food Love with Author Tess Challis

Sometimes trying to figure out what you should eat day-to-day while maintaining a healthy lifestyle can seem challenging. Some people say it’s all about the exercise. Others tell you to avoid carbs. Others encourage you to eat lots of fat. Tess Challis has put together a system to help us understand recipes and how to eat guilt-free and still create a healthy lifestyle.

Tess walks the walk too. She talks about how she was an obese vegan at one point in her life and what she did to make healthy changes to get her diet and her weight back on track. Here are some quotes from today’s interview that are so moving:

If you’re going to eat something, pay attention to it. — Tess Challis @tesschallis #namelymarly

We don’t really screw up, we just have experiences to learn from. — Tess Challis @tesschallis #namelymarly

If you do nothing else, just be present with your food. — Tess Challis @tesschallis #namelymarly

If you’re really being mindful and enjoying the pleasure of eating chocolate, the pleasure goes away after a little while. We enjoy the amount that is good for us. — Tess Challis @tesschallis #namelymarly

We hope today’s episode featuring Plant-Based Food Love on the Namely Marly Podcast inspires you to go out and live a passion-filled life!

Featured Content – Plant-Based Food Love

In today’s episode you’ll learn about:

  • Why Tess started her blog
  • Why Tess started eating a vegan diet
  • How Tess works with clients to help them with health goals like weight loss
  • Why mindful eating is such an important part of Tess’s life
  • How Tess encourages her kids to participate in the kitchen too
  • Tess talks about how she was an obese vegan and how she changed that
  • Tess talks about the program she developed called Be Radiant
  • How to listen to your body to exercise portion control

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That’s it for today’s podcast. As always, thanks so much for joining in the discussion!

Health + Happiness to you!

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