Smashed Chickpea and Sriracha Salad Sandwiches

10 Minute Smashed Chickpea Sriracha Salad Sandwich

A busy day at the office, followed by a long commute, soccer matches, and whatever else stands in your way of any significant time in the kitchen doesn’t have to mean fast food. This easy and delicious Smashed Chickpea and Sriracha Salad Sandwich is ready in 10 minutes.

A delicious and creamy cauliflower soup with vegan cheese

Cheesy Creamed Cauliflower Soup

Winter may be singing her swan song, but I’m not quite ready to give up on one of my favorite parts of that season – soup. So here’s my homage to winter – a vegan cheesy cauliflower soup. It’s so creamy I even serve it over a baked potato with a little steamed broccoli on top. It’s equally delicious in a bowl, slowly savoring one spoonful after another.

Baked Vegan Parmesan

Vegan Baked Chick Parmesan

Having Baked Chicken Parmesan as a vegan seems like an impossible thing, but I’m here to tell you, it’s not! You simply bring to life the “chick” side of chicken and turn a can of chickpeas into something über fantastic!

Vegan Potato Soup is served with shredded vegan cheese and breadsticks.

Two-in-One Recipe: Vegan Potato Soup and Alfredo Sauce

Today’s recipe is part one of a recipe I’m calling, Two-in-One Recipe: Vegan Potato Soup and Alfredo Sauce. It’s inspired by my deep-seeded desire to provide a variety of menu options for my family without camping out in the kitchen all day long.

Vegan Butternut Lasagna

Sweet and savory squash adorns the layers of this delicious and hearty Vegan Butternut Lasagna. I decided to make lasagna recently because we were entertaining guests for dinner on the evening of a very busy day. Lasagna is one of those dishes you can make ahead and warm up before mealtime. All I can say is I’m sure glad I did!

Sliced yellow peppers are used as a garnish for this bright green and tasty hummus.

Green Monster Hummus

It’s time for a spinach-infused Green Monster Hummus. Bright green goodness served on a cracker, chips, or on a sandwich!

Another quick and easy vegan meal from Namely Marly: Black and White Bean Burgers.

Black and White Bean Burgers

Next week is Thanksgiving. You know what that means? Well, for me it means it might just be time to put away the Halloween decorations.

If your life is as hectic as mine, but you’re still looking for healthy and delicious meals, try your hand at this tasty and easy recipe for Black and White Bean Burgers. Tasty, but not too time-consuming to prepare. Sounds like a winning combo to me!