Namely Marly Photograph of a bingo card focusing in on the "free square" in the middle.

Your Free Square

In the game of life we all have a Free Square. Is it a stretch to find life lessons from Bingo, a game of chance? I don’t think so, and hopefully you’ll agree after reading this post.

Name Interview: Ginger Burr

I confess, sometimes I’ve watched fashion make-overs on TV or seen them in magazines and I’ve secretly wished I could be one of those people. The problem is, I worry that would mean giving up my comfy yoga pants and t-shirts. I usually console my disheveled self by saying looks shouldn’t matter anyway. It’s what’s […]

Let’s look at the word perfection. Here’s the The definition I found: “the condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects.” Doesn’t that sound so…perfect? The problem is, it comes with a hefty price tag. I was once at a parade. Not just any parade, but […]

Forrest Gump may think that life is like a box of chocolates and I have no arguments with that (How can I argue with chocolate?). But I have a peach tree in my back yard full of tender, young peaches needing cultivation so they can become part of a fruit pie on my table. So […]

I had a guest post recently by Larry Ackerman, who wrote about his use of the name Larry instead of Laurence. It was an intriguing idea – how, when you have a name that is easily reduced to a nickname (such as Larry), it is oftentimes bestowed upon you with or without your blessing. Most […]

In high school French class we were given a French name and our teacher called us by that name from that point forward. My name was Pascale. I loved it! And actually, it worked for me because the name, Pascale, means born on (or around) easter and my birthday is in the spring. That year […]

Queen Latifah grew up with the name Dana Elaine Owens; the second child born to Rita and Lancelot Owens. Dana was only 8 years old when her cousin crowned her with the name Latifah, the Arabic word for “delicate” and began using it as her stage name in school performances. It’s another example of how […]

Famous name changes are, of course, interesting, but today’s post is one is one of my favorites. It’s the amazing story about how Caryn Elaine Johnson became Whoopi Goldberg. Can you imagine with me Caryn Johnson? I bet she would be funny. In fact, she’d probably be hilarious. One of those people that you love […]