Brown Sugar made just like Martha Stewart would do it. At least that's how I think she makes it!

Homemade Brown Sugar

Sometimes in the middle of a baking project you realize you’re out of a key ingredient. You can either run up to the store, wing it on the recipe, or somehow recreate that missing ingredient. The other, kind of far out alternative, is to imagine that you’re just like Martha Stewart, making your ingredients from scratch. Somehow that makes me feel better…and that’s what today’s recipe is all about.

Frozen Strawberry Bites by Namely Marly

Frozen Strawberry Bites

I had so much fun making Frozen Banana Bites (inspired by my lovely mother-in-law, Diane) and because I live by the motto, “more is better” I decided to try this concept of freezing chocolate around chunks of fruit. We need to get our fruit in each day, right? A bit of fruit covered in dark chocolate and frozen so there’s a crisp crunch when you bite into it. It’s so fulfilling, you’ll find yourself satisfied with just one. Well, make that two because you know what I say? More is better!

Banana slices dipped in chocolate are a perfect vegan treat!

Frozen Banana Bites

I’ve been mulling over a new saying lately, similar to “form over function” but this one is “health over flavor.” That’s because I realize most of my days I’m looking for balance between these two seemingly opposing words. Can we have a little of both? These Frozen Banana Bites are proof that we can!