Turning Pro Tips by Li Na. Yes, Li Na is a tennis player, but you can take her tips off the courts and use them to change your life!

Turning Pro Tips: Li Na

Have you read Steven Pressfield’s book, The War of Art? If so, you know he’s written an entire section (and a separate book) on Turning Pro. So, I’m sharing a series of Turning Pro Tips featuring real-life pros from different walks of life with tips that have helped them take their passions…and their lives to the next level. Today’s featured tips are from Li Na, China’s tennis star who is currently ranked #2 in the world after winning her second Grand Slam tournament at the 2014 Australian Open.

Daffodils looking into the light of a spring sunny morning.

Time to Smell the Flowers

A stroll through my yard this morning turned into a conversation with my little fecund friends, the Daffodils. I decided to heed their admonition to spend time with them before they’re all gone. There’s no denying it, Spring is here!

A dandelion can remind us of the magic of our childhood and give us hope for the future.

The Land of Hope

please turn around and step into the future leave memories behind enter the land of hope — from A Life by Zbigniew Herbert

Flowers dotted with morning dew being tended to by a busy bee.


Reverie: the state of being pleasantly lost in one’s own thoughts.   To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee. One clover, and a bee. And reverie. The reverie alone will do, if bees are few. — Emily Dickinson

The poem She Walks in Beauty accompanies photographs of an early morning summer sunrise.

A Walk in Beauty

An early morning photography expedition with my hubby left me feeling inspired by the beauty of nature.

I was also reminded of the poem, She Walks in Beauty. “She walks in beauty, like the night; Of cloudless climes and starry skies; And all that’s best of dark and bright.” Oh, that we could all walk in beauty today.

If you doubt the impact that changing a name can have on a life, consider Barack Obama. Yes, it’s true that his given name at birth was Barack. So how, you may ask, did he change his name? When he was a child everyone referred to him as Barry, the same derivative of Barack that […]