Julie Morgenstern is a guest on the Namely Marly Podcast

Interview With Julie Morgenstern

If you’re considering making better use of your time or improved organization a part of your 2015 New Year’s Goals, then this podcast is for you! Today I’m sharing with you my interview with Julie Morgenstern, NY Times bestselling author, speaker, consultant, and overall organizational guru. You’re gonna love it!

An interview with Julie Deily of the Little Kitchen.


Most everyone I meet has a story (or two) about their name. Even a name we think of as fairly common can leave its bearer with moving stories.

Case in point. When I met Julie, I didn’t know there was an inspiring story lurking behind what seemed to be a fairly common name. But sometimes the best name stories can come from the least expected places. Join me and learn more about the energetic, motivational, and beloved Julie Deily, the mastermind behind the site The Little Kitchen.

Marly's latest interview for the Name Project, Irvin Lin from the popular food blog Eat the Love.


I met Irvin Lin at the 2011 BlogHer Food conference and it didn’t take long until we landed on the topic of names. Like so many people I meet, Irvin had an interesting story (or two) to share about his name so our discussion quickly evolved into an official Name Project interview. Come to find out, Irvin is quite the compelling name. At least that’s what Roy Feinson says about people with the name Irvin. I think our Irvin Lin is the picture of compelling. Check out the full post to learn more!

An interview with Merry-Jennifer of the Merry Gourmet.

Merry Jennifer

Some names are just bursting with a story. Of course, that’s how I feel about all names – ripe with tales of spelling, ancestry, or selection. Or sometimes all of the above.

Today on The Name Project, I highlight an interview with Merry-Jennifer. Intriguing, don’t you think? Learn more about this fascinating name and the wonderful woman who bares it and become inspired!