A name interview with Kathy Patalsky of Lunchboxbunch.com

Name Interview: Kathy Patalsky

Kathy Patalsky is the mastermind behind the popular brand, Lunchbox Bunch. She started with a dream – to find creative ways to help kids enjoy healthy and tasty vegan foods. From there she has built not one but two sites that provide resources for thousands of people (young and old alike) about the delights of being vegan.

Kathy fell upon this vision of inspiring healthy and tasty food with no formal cooking or photography training. As a result, her life has become one, big self-taught lesson in success! Join me today as I talk to Kathy about her life, her work, and her name.

Name Interview: Rachel Fine

I recently interviewed Rachel Fine, a singer/songwriter from Brooklyn, NY who has a lot to celebrate about 2010. Not only did she sign a record deal with Sunset Records, she recently launched the world-wide release her debut CD, Own Your Own. I’ve often read that people whose names begin with the letter R share the passion that resonates from the red-blooded and romantic opening letter of their name. Rachel definitely fits in this category, imbuing passion into every step of her musical career.