Alexis Miesen, co-founder of Blue Marble Ice Cream.

Name Interview: Alexis Miesen

A big priority for many parents is finding a name that can’t be reduced to any kind of negative diminutive. You know like, Willy from William. I thought about that when I began my interview with Alexis Miesen, co-proprietress of Blue Marble Ice Cream. You wouldn’t think that the name Alexis could have any bad nicknames attached to it. I soon learned I was wrong.

Marly's latest interview for the Name Project, Irvin Lin from the popular food blog Eat the Love.


I met Irvin Lin at the 2011 BlogHer Food conference and it didn’t take long until we landed on the topic of names. Like so many people I meet, Irvin had an interesting story (or two) to share about his name so our discussion quickly evolved into an official Name Project interview. Come to find out, Irvin is quite the compelling name. At least that’s what Roy Feinson says about people with the name Irvin. I think our Irvin Lin is the picture of compelling. Check out the full post to learn more!

An interview with Merry-Jennifer of the Merry Gourmet.

Merry Jennifer

Some names are just bursting with a story. Of course, that’s how I feel about all names – ripe with tales of spelling, ancestry, or selection. Or sometimes all of the above.

Today on The Name Project, I highlight an interview with Merry-Jennifer. Intriguing, don’t you think? Learn more about this fascinating name and the wonderful woman who bares it and become inspired!

I recently interviewed Sommer Collier of A Spicy Perspective about her unique name.

Sommer Solstice

This week we celebrated Summer Solstice, the “longest” day of the year. Or the shortest night. Either way, it means lots of fun in the sun.

The timing couldn’t be better because today’s name interview fits in perfectly with this theme. I met Sommer Collier recently and couldn’t resist the opportunity to talk to her about her name. Not only is it a unique name, but it also boasts an unusual spelling. Pronounced like the sunny season we’re in, Sommer is a name that imbues passion both in the sound and its intrinsic meaning.

Sonia is co-founder of and talked with me about her name.

Golden Sonia

My series, The Name Project, showcases excerpts of interviews with the people I meet. Names are my inspiration and I hope to share with you photographs of people and stories about their names. I titled this post Golden Sonia because it reflects what I see in the name. Wisdom. Beauty. Growth. It’s all good as gold. Join me in taking time getting to know a little more about Sonia.

Cooking with Michele author speaks to me about her name.


My series, The Name Project, are excerpts of brief interviews with people I meet. Names are my inspiration and I hope to share with you photographs of people and some fun and interesting stories about their names. The Name Project: Michele People with the name Michele are “so filled with goodwill that there’s more than enough to […]

A name interview with Zori about her interesting name.

The Mark of Zori

My new series is called The Name Project, where I do in-person, brief interviews about peoples’ names along with my photograph of them. Names are my inspiration and I hope to share with you photographs of a variety of people and some fun stories about their names. The Name Project: Zori Growing up in the United […]

The Name Project by Marly featuring today's guest Quincie

A Woman Named Quincie

I’m constantly meeting people with names. I wonder why that is. And oftentimes I find myself meeting people with names I find really intriguing. Well, usually, that’s most of the time, because I really love names. It’s why I started my name interview series, Namely People. But recently I was inspired to start a new series of interviews. I’m calling it The Name Project, a new venture on the Namely Marly site where I do in-person interviews, featuring my photographs of the people I’m interviewing. And the final distinguishing factor? The Name Project interviews are brief. Today’s Name Project Interview is with a woman named Quincie. What a way to start off a new series!