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Better Than Crack Vegan Oreo Brownies

I’m becoming quite the connoisseur of Vegan Comfort Food and this recipe may be the highlight of my quest to find the best vegan brownie ever. What better comfort food is there than brownies? And so it only makes sense that a vegan comfort food specialist would have to make a recipe that includes chocolate brownies, dark chocolate coconut sauce, peanut butter, Oreo’s, and a crispy chocolate peanut butter topping. My life may never be the same again!

Chocolate brownie goodness surrounded by a flaky crust - brownie pies!

Brownie Pies

When you find yourself in a post-slump anything (whether from watching your favorite annual tennis tournament – like me, or finishing up the final episode of your favorite TV show – like Breaking Bad, or simply surviving a day at the office), time in the kitchen can be the best therapy. There’s nothing like seeing results of your efforts like these bite-size brownie pies. Your family and friends will further reinforce your efforts with lots of oohs and ahhs. That’s my favorite part!

Things got messy with this pie, but the results were definitely worth it!

Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie Pie with Peanut Butter Cheesecake

Maybe it’s a little over the top to wax poetic about a recipe, but sometimes a recipe is more than a thought in your head; words on a page; ingredients on the counter. This recipe is a lot like life because it’s messy, but oh so good. Dark chocolate brownie mixed with peanut butter cream cheese filling and a crispy crust. Does it get any better than this?

Vegan brownies are topped with walnuts and chocolate chips

Bonanza Black Bean Brownies

Dark chocolate, gooey brownies with chocolate chips, walnuts and a not-so-surprising surprise ingredient make these Bonanza Black Bean Brownies not only delicious but on the healthy side as well. Isn’t that what we’re all looking for in life anyway?

A chocolate brownie surrounded by flowers from my garden.

Best Vegan Brownies

I’m on a mission to show that good vegan eats can include delicious and tasty foods like my new favorite, these Best Vegan Brownies. I call them “best” because, well, in my book that’s exactly what they are. Dark Chocolate throughout and topped with Chocolate Frosting laced with chopped pecans. A recent study shows that including dark chocolate can be beneficial for your heart. That’s good news for these brownies…and for those of us who get to eat them.

This vegan double decker brownie features a peanut butter cookie crust with a coffee-infused chocolate brownie on top.

Double Decker Brownies

Today it’s time to take a little sidestep from all this overly healthy eating and enjoy some Double Decker Brownies. It’s part of a new series I’m calling Free For All Fridays! Here’s my theory, all work and no play can be kind of boring. Hmm, come to think of it, I don’t think that’s my saying. Oh well, let’s go with it!

Three Ingredient, or 3G brownies displayed on a lovely blue gift bag.

Three Ingredients, or 3G Brownies

Three Ingredient Brownies. Simply delicious! Do you know the technical definition of 3G? Neither do I, but I do know that 3G is supposed to mean faster, fuller, and fabulous. That’s what this recipe is all about too. My friend Elle told me recently that she liked my site, but that I had branched into […]

Isn’t it so cool to see your writing posted somewhere else? It’s a little like that feeling of excitement when you hear a song on the radio. Even though you own the CD and can hear the song any time you want, there’s something cool about hearing someone else play it. So I’m pleased to […]