Vegan Chicken and Rice Casserole with mushrooms and topped with vegan cheese. A perfect, quick weeknight recipe for your family!

Vegan Chicken and Rice Casserole

This Vegan Chicken and Rice Casserole is magical, because it’s so full of comfort food goodness that it disappears like that! Minimal ingredients, Ready in 30 minutes!

Vegan Baked Hotdogs served like a casserole makes a perfect fall dinner.

Easy Vegan Baked Hotdogs

Being vegan doesn’t have to mean giving up creature comforts. Now there’s easy vegan baked hotdogs with vegetarian chili, onions, and vegan cheese.

Marly's Tofu and Cheesy Rice Casserole fresh from the oven.

Tofu and Cheesy Rice Casserole

This Tofu and Rice Cheesy Casserole features slow-baked tofu atop a bed of brown rice and broccoli and smothered in a garlicky, vegan cheese sauce. Think of it as sort of like your momma’s Chicken and Rice Casserole without the poor, dead chicken.

Vegan Holiday Casserole combines your favorite holiday dinner flavors.

Vegan Holiday Casserole

Come join our Virtual Vegan Holiday Dinner with recipes from some of our favorite vegan bloggers. And try this Vegan Holiday Casserole which is sure to please whether dining at home or preparing for a family holiday feast!

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