Orange Cream Cake With Turmeric

Orange Cream Turmeric Cake

You can only spend so many days in your life being a people pleaser before you wake up and smell the turmeric and realize it’s time to live life by your own rules. So adding turmeric in a cake may sound a little coo-coo to some, but if you decide to take the leap and be different with me, you’ll be rewarded with a sweet, tender, delicious cake with just a little bit of zing from the turmeric. And a little zing in life can make it all worth while!

The best way to fix your itch for specialty ice cream when you're staying away from dairy: Chubba Hubba Vegan Ice Cream

Chubba Hubba Vegan Ice Cream

You can be vegan and still get your favorite specialty flavored pint of ice cream? I like to say, yes you can! Especially when you follow my recipe for Chubba Hubba Vegan Ice Cream, featuring creamy caramel swirls and lots of dark chocolate covered pretzels. The world is now a better place.

National Vegetarian Awareness Month celebrated by Namely Marly

National Vegetarian Awareness Month

There’s a lot of things to celebrate this time of year – Halloween is around the corner, Thanksgiving, the Holidays are coming. But it’s also the first day of National Vegetarian Awareness month. That makes me pleased as punch. Happy as a pig in peach orchard! I’m happy as a clam…around a bunch of vegetarians! I’m celebrating by sharing a few of my favorite veggie recipes.

Vegan Chocolate Drumsticks

Vegan Chocolate Drumsticks

Welcome to my new favorite obsession, Vegan Drumsticks. Today’s version is a Chocolate Drumstick with chocolate obsession ice cream, chocolate topping, and even chocolate roasted almonds. I think I’ve found the perfect summer dessert!

Delicious protein-packed banana shake

Banana Shake

I’m recovering from a little too much fun over the weekend by enjoying this Vegan Banana Shake. It’s as if I have an insatiable need for continuous pleasure that begins with brownies on Friday night, cake on Saturday, cookies on Sundays and is now edging its way into my weekday routine. You’d think after a […]

Pretzels dipped in chocolate are a perfect Valentine's Day treat

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Covered Pretzels

February is a time for love which means you might not want to spend all your time in the kitchen. Peanut Butter and Chocolate Covered Pretzels. Dark chocolate infused with peanut butter dipped over a salty pretzel and decorated with a few sprinkles to set the mood. It’s enough to make the faint of heart grab their smelling salts, fan their face and say, “Oh my!”