NMP #33: Three Vegan Types: Understanding Your Reasons for Veganism

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I’ve come to a conclusion there’s Three Vegan Types. That doesn’t mean there’s only three ways to go about it. In fact, I’ve written a previous post on 10 Ways To Be Vegan, outlining a number of approaches people have used to incorporate veganism into their lives.

Understand the Three Vegan Types to better understand the way you eat and to help you stay on your meal plan for life!

Three Vegan Types

I’ve come to the conclusion that there are three vegan types.

  • The Fearless Vegan
  • The Plant-Based Vegan
  • The Convenient Vegan

Let’s go over these three vegan types with a little bit more detail.

The Fearless Vegan

Gluten-free vegan pizza crust

A Fearless Vegan is into healthy foods, but is also willing to compromise in the name of taste. That may mean having organic quinoa flour pizza crust with vegan sausage and vegan mozzarella cheese dripping on the plate. Does that sound delicious to you? Then you may be a Fearless Vegan!

The Fearless Vegan is the foodie in the room. They care about their health, the environment and the welfare of animals, but they also like being a little different. Being a Fearless Vegan scratches their authenticity itch while at the same time allowing them to eat pan-fried onion rings and vegan donuts.   They’ll have a green smoothie with cacao nibs and super fruits to make up for it!

The Plant-Based Vegan

Green Tea Banana Smoothie

Plant-based Vegans are in it for the health of it. They want tasty, organic dishes that are full of nutrients and they’re willing to put the work in to make it happen.

Plant-Based Vegans eat organic, whole or minimally processed foods. You won’t find them eating vegan meats or cheeses. At least, not very often. They will, however, make cheeses from nuts or will add avocados in their baked goods rather than using processed, dairy-free butters. The Plant-Based Vegan makes most of their meals at home, including their own dairy-free ice creams and cheeses.

The Convenient Vegan

Easy Vegan Penne Pasta and Sausage

Convenient Vegans aren’t into veganism because they’re necessarily worried about their health.

There are a number of reasons, besides being worried about your cholesterol, to consider a vegan diet. Here are a few:

  • You care about the environment and know that eating fewer animal products has a big impact
  • You care about the horrible conditions that people work in at meat packing plants
  • You have seen videos of how animals are treated on factory farms and decided there has to be a better way.
  • Sam Harris spoke about about vegetarianism on his podcast. He questioned his desire to continue eating meat because he knew he couldn’t kill an animal himself. His conclusion: How is it ethically alright to ask others to do so in his stead?
  • Maybe you were bit by a tick that left you severely allergic to animal products. Seriously. That’s a thing. See the link below.
  • Maybe you have an autoimmune disease and your doctor has recommended a meat-free, dairy-free diet, which is, basically, vegan.

I watched Gene Baur talk with Jon Stewart on the Daily Show and I was surprised to hear Stewart say something like this: veganism will go mainstream when it becomes convenient.

All I could think of was…when? Vegan already IS very convenient.

I spoke with Jasmin Starr of Our Hen House (see link below) who said that quote should be revised to, “Veganism will become mainstream when people realize it’s convenient.”

I like that version much better. And there’s evidence suggesting that veganism is starting to tip the scale toward mainstream (see link below). Some people like the clean nature of a vegan diet. They understand that vegan food is by it’s very nature low in cholesterol.

The Convenient Vegan may be motivated by any or all of these things, including their health. But the real thing they’re worried about is missing out on all the food they love! And they don’t want to spend hours shopping for crazy expensive exotic ingredients.

The Convenient Vegan likes their comforts food and won’t be giving up their Mac and Cheese, Pizza, Chocolate Cake, and French Fries, and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches any time soon.

Why Your Vegan Type Matters

So, now that you know the three vegan types, why does it matter? Because understanding your vegan type helps you better know how to feed yourself.

That’s important.

Because a lot of the people I’ve talked to over the years who try a vegan diet and then quit, do so because they’ve felt frustrated at not being able to follow the diet.

But what is the diet they were trying to follow? Sometimes the ambiguity of it can be a stumbling block. Or, worse yet, it causes you to create unnecessary, arbitrary rules that cause you to feel too restricted.

If you’ve decided to go vegan and you’re more inline with the Convenient Vegan Type, but all you’re seeing on Instagram is the Plant-Based Vegan postings, you’re going to feel overwhelmed and discouraged.

Or, if you’re a Plant-Based Vegan and you’re looking at pictures of Convenient Vegan recipes on Pinterest, you’re going to be turned off.

If you’re a Fearless Vegan, well, who knows, you might like it all!

Either way, it’s important to know your type to help build a menu plan and recipes to help you be your best.

What’s Your Vegan Type?

Now that we’ve explored these Three Vegan Types, the next question is, how do you know what vegan type you are? Well, I created a Vegan Type Quiz to help answer that! Each of the three vegan types includes a page with additional information, links to free recipes on this site and even some free, downloadable meal plans that you can use to help guide you based on your vegan type.

This episode includes references to some resources you might find interesting. Here they are:


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