Tips for Dealing with Food, Family, and Feelings with Dawn Lerman

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Sometimes life can feel a little (or a lot) overwhelming. And sometimes we develop coping mechanisms to help us get through those overwhelming times — aka, eating an entire tray of Oreos. But today’s guest on the Namely Marly podcast is talking about ways to not let food be the coping mechanism of choice. Listen in as I discuss Tips for Dealing with Food, Family, and Feelings with nutritionist and author Dawn Lerman.

Dawn Lerman is the next guest on the Namely Marly podcast and she's talking about tips for dealing with food, family, and feelings

Dawn has a story I consider to be really unique. Because I’ve heard lots of people talk about how their mothers struggled with weight, but Dawn’s story is about her dad and his struggle with weight. In fact, Dawn received a lot of conflicting messages about food throughout her childhood and somehow came out of it with a very wise approach that she now shares with others: find ways to eat mindfully!

Dawn’s father grew up with food as a form of communication. Love was shared via food and after awhile it become such a substitute for real love that he began to gain weight. A lot of weight. At one point Dawn’s father weighed up to 450 pounds. He rotated through a lot of diets trying to lose weight.

Being exposed to all these different attitudes toward food, somehow Dawn found a place of balance with it all. Today Dawn is a nutritionist and works with a lot of children.

Everyone can benefit from eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. — Dawn Lerman

Dawn’s saving grace was her grandmother, Beauty, who would tell her to eat mindfully. Her grandmother would remind her to eat slowly and to eat homemade foods or from bakeries where you know how they were made.

Eat good food; quality over quantity. — Dawn Lerman

Also, we talk about dogmatic diet practices and finding a place to respect people for their own choices. The best way we have to encourage others to take on a specific diet (like veganism) is to inspire them.

Dawn and I also talk about diet in general. Learn more about mindful eating and Dawn Lerman today!

Featured Content – Tips for Dealing with Food, Family, and Feelings with Dawn Lerman

Here are some of the highlights of my discussion with Dawn, where we discuss:

  • Why Dawn decided to write a memoir about her family and food
  • Dawn talks about the different food philosophies in her family
  • Dawn shares about her dad, a highly regarded advertising guru who created many of the iconic food slogans we know today, such as Leggo my Eggo, Coke is it, and more.
  • On the flip side, Dawn’s mother thought food was a waste of time and ate to live, but had no passion for food.
  • Dawn shares the story about her grandmother, Beauty, and  talks about her international travels which caused her to make homemade versions of her favorite back-home dishes
  • Dawn has had several, diverse careers/interests throughout her life, including running a TV production company, acting, drama therapy for gangs in Los Angeles, and now she’s a nutritionist.
  • When her dad got Stage III lung cancer, she went back to school to become a nutritionist to help her dad.
  • Dawn’s book includes recipes and they begin in their original form and then as you progress through the book, they become her own recipes, and thereby, much healthier and they include tips for making the recipes vegan or gluten-free.

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That’s it for today’s podcast. As always, thanks so much for joining in the discussion!

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