NMP#38: Transitioning to a Vegan Diet with Jessica in the Kitchen

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Even if you’re interested in moving toward a vegan diet, sometimes the idea of it can be overwhelming. Where do you even begin? Well, that’s why I’m talking with Jessica of the site Jessica in the Kitchen about Transitioning to a Vegan Diet. You can learn more about vegan diets through 10 Ways to be Vegan or my interview with Dr. Gregor about the health benefits of a plant-based diet via his book How Not to Die.

Today on the Namely Marly Podcast, I'm talking with Jessica of Jessica in the Kitchen about transitioning to a vegan diet, how to cook vegan meals, farmers markets, the ugly vegetable movement, awesome plant-based substitutes for meat, and more!

Jessica, with the site Jessica in the Kitchen, creates lovely vegan recipes that are easy to make and yet filling and delicious. I’ve been in touch with her across social media, so I decided to reach out and have a chat about something near and dear to my heart, Transitioning to a Vegan Diet. It’s not always easy so having resources available can be very important.

Listen in as Jessica and I discuss farmers markets, sustainable eating trends, weight control and just good ol’ delicious recipes. In fact, we passionately discuss some very tasty plant-based meat substitutes, including using chickpeas in tuna saladtofu in egg saladalmond slivers as bacon, and even cauliflower as “chicken wings”. I haven’t shared that last one as a recipe with you all yet, but I plan to. It’s great, great stuff!

Our goal at Namely Marly is to provide you with inspiring resources to take on a vegetarian, vegan, plant-based, and inspired, energetic life. We hope today’s interview about Transitioning to a Vegan Diet has been helpful and informative.

Go be your best you!

Featured Content – Transitioning to a Vegan Diet

Here are some of the highlights of my discussion with Jessica, where we discuss:

  • How she started her blog Jessica in the Kitchen
  • The foods that were initially difficult to give up
  • Why Jessica decided to take on a vegetarian diet
  • What inspired Jessica to share her recipes via her blog
  • The kinds of recipes that Jessica is inspired to share
  • How she goes about testing her recipes
  • Why she’s found inspiration at her local farmer’s market

This Transitioning to a Vegan Diet episode includes references to some resources you might find interesting. Here they are:


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That’s it for today’s podcast. As always, thanks so much for joining in the discussion!


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